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Oops I did it again...

...Ok, I should clarify: this really isn't an oops moment I'm about to share, but I couldn't resist using the famous Brittany song title.  

In fact, this isn't an oops moment in the slightest.  Quite the opposite. It's more of a "Yay me! I did it again!" moment.

What did I do? 

Installed this handsome fella':
All by myself,

a month after my usually-very-handy husband unsuccessfully tried hanging it. 

Now, I should give him a little credit. We were missing some of the mounting pieces needed. That happens sometimes when you're installing a vintage piece--ours was a gift from a friend who took it out of her own home. (Thanks Heidi!)

But the replacement screws he bought still didn't work. So he got frustrated and left it partially installed, partially hanging from the ceiling. It was classy looking, let me tell ya. 

Ok, not really. That's why I had to finish it. 

'Cause you know, sometimes you just need a woman's touch.

Can I get an Amen? 


Testing, 1-2-3, Testing

I've been wielding a paint brush and roller recently in the kitchen, entry and living room. Remember when I shared the general ideas we plan to implement in our new house? Read them here. Things are moving right along. This week we decided on the paint colors we'll be using throughout the rooms.

Below are the Sherwin Williams paint colors we're going with. No, I'm not getting a perk by mentioning Sherwin Williams--I wish! :) We chose to go with SW paint because of the convenience and customer service of our local store. The colors are linked to the SW website if you're interested in learning more about them.
Tricorn Black. This color is going to be on the tallest wall of the entry/living room. It'll be an accent, not a whole room color. I've tossed around the idea of painting one of the bathrooms black and then doing lots of white fixtures and tile to brighten it up but I'm not sold on it. More than likely we'll do something lighter because our goal is to keep things airy and open feeling.

Peppercorn. We're planning to use this in our kitchen. Since we're not painting the existing oak cabinets I'm thinking this saturated gray will contrast nicely with the yellow tones in the wood.

Summit Gray. This gray is a nice compromise between the dark and light shades. We're thinking we'll paint the office this color. It'll contrast nicely with the built-ins once they're a nice bright white.

Reflection. This light gray is what'll be likely used in a bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. We'll see.

Rhinestone. We're painting the living room this pale gray. It's so light that it's actually considered a white. We like it because it'll provide a bit of contrast with the bright white trim.

High Refectance White--which I learned is just the base paint without any tint applied. All the trim and some of the rooms will be in this shade. I want our house to be light and bright so we'll be using lots of white on the walls.

And, like I said, I've already purchased some of the colors and have put them up on the walls.

First, I bought two test pots--the two darkest colors--to be sure we loved the colors on the wall as much as we did in our head.

I painted a few spots on the wall we were contemplating as black.

And a few gray areas around the kitchen to see what it looked like with the cabinets. Even during the darkest hours of the day we liked both of the colors. Success!

Yesterday, I started on the black wall, as seen on my Instagram Tweet. (p.s. Do you have an iPhone? If so, download Instagram! It's creative photo-sharing at it's best. Find me while you're at it. I'd love to follow your photos!)

And even before I bought the test pots I did a (very crummy and hastily done) photoshopped rendering of my final plan for the entryway. Again, I warn you I did it super quickly just to get my point across to my handy--but not always on the same brainwave--husband.  Here's what I'm thinking:

A breakdown:
  • Paint the tallest wall Tricorn Black.
  • Rhinestone--a pale gray--on the other walls.
  • White trim, excluding the oak banister that my husband loves as is.
  • Light maple flooring.
  • A new, less fussy looking door and side window--which won't be happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right?
  • Converting our favorite capice shell lamp into a hanging fixture on a switch, thereby eliminating one of the many ceiling fans in the house.

It's a little different from it's current state:
But it'll get there with time.


When inspiration strikes

No, I'm not back today with the second half of our moving story--how we marketed our current home without a realtor. It's a great story and I just haven't carved out the time to sit down and write it out. Soon. But in case you missed it, read about how we managed to find a house to buy in the oil boomtown we're moving to right here.

The moving process is going well. We've started packing up all our stuff. Let me tell you, it's sooooo fun. Ok, not really. But it has got us thinking about what we want to do in the new place. We're thinking we'll box up and move all our stuff and then go through it, deciding what to keep and what to lose. Why go through the trouble of moving stuff to then get rid of it? It's all about the resale market. We're thinking an early season garage sale in Dickinson will be more profitable than a late season one here. It's all about the boom. :)

I started compiling inspiration images after discussing some ideas with my other half. Here's what we're thinking we'll do in the new place:

We want to go for a more modern, minimalistic approach this time around. Very clean and open. No, we're not moving into a cool industrial space with super-high ceilings. We're moving into a perfectly normal residential home with perfectly normal ceilings. But we like the feel of the above image--open and clean. Nothing is literal here--these are merely examples. Still with me?

The house will also have a more masculine feel in the main areas. I'll admit our current place is a little bit girly and granny now. But we're both a little tired of it. We'll switch it up and see what happens.

We also love windows, though we're nowhere close to having a wall of them like this house. We'll keep the ones we do have nice and open this time around. Meaning very few drapes, lots of sheers and simple blackout shades when privacy is an issue.

The color pallatte above is a winner for both of us: black, white, gray, caramel and honey-colored wood with metallic accents. 

See how those green chairs pop as the only real color in this space above? We're thinking we'll infuse color through our accessories and art. The walls and most furniture will likely stay neutral.
We also like the idea of adding some industrial touches with concrete and metal. Concrete counters perhaps? Cable in the railings maybe? Who knows.

We're thinking we'll do maple flooring to keep things bright. And, we're planning to mount our TV on the wall with a sideboard underneath, similar to the one pictured.

Both of us want a big leather sectional to lounge on. We have our eye on the perfect piece already.

We want the house to stay light and bright, but the idea of a menacing black wall is also appealing. Who knows. Maybe we'll do something similar.

We love the simplicity of Scandinavian and mid-century American design. Most of our inspiration is coming from those styles.

What do you think? Have you ever wanted to completely change up your home decor? We've found that moving is the perfect opportunity! Now if only moving day would come a little faster--scratch that, I have way too much packing to still do!

(All the sources for these images are over on my Pinterest pageCheck 'em out.)

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Check it off the list

I'm happy to report there's now two working doorbells on our lovely little home. I decided on a different style than the front door's new bell.  Price was the main consideration, I'll admit. But I think it's also fitting to have something a little less flashy on the back door. The black also fits nicely with the black door.

I'm not sure who'll ring the doorbell from our back yard, but it'll be ready if and when someone does!


Back in black

We interrupt the flow of posts revolving around our Saarinen saga to bring you another Labor Day weekend project. I'm sure you're all just dying to know how I cleaned the Saarinen tulip table and chairs with everything from toothpaste to clothes washing detergent. But don't fret. I'll explain it all tomorrow. A post about cleaning... Be excited!
What else did I do over the holiday weekend? Paint. The front door has been transformed with the same color as the back door that I painted last spring--black. (Back door pictured above. Follow the link to learn more about that project.) 

It all started with painting the vestibule--the little room between our storm door and front door. Last September, we installed a new storm door. This September, I finally got around to painting the interior of our little construction project. It's part of my promise to finish painting the trim. Better late than never.
After finishing up with the painting, I decided it was high time to work on replacing the mortise lock in our door. We've had some issues with the lock sticking, so we bought an expensive (like over $200!!) replacement to try and fix it. 
The only problem? It's the wrong size. Bummer. I decided to return the replacement, clean my existing hardware and do like Tim Gunn advises: make it work. Besides, I'm all about putting $200+ back into the pocket.
I started cleaning the hardware with a bit of brasso. Yummy.

Then I looked at the door, thinking "I should clean it." I clean it often, polish it often, dust it often. It never looks clean, polished or dusted. 
That's when it hit me. Let's paint it!

 Fast forward a few hours. I sanded, primed and painted two coats on both the interior and exterior sides. As I painted, my smile grew. The black is so clean, so polished, so much better than the beat up wood that was soon going to need to be refinished anyway. I've been thinking of doing this for months and I was thrilled to finally be doing so.
Then I put back the polished hardware on the inside...

 ...and the outside. Love! Better yet, the cleaning and tinkering I did improved the function of the mortise lock so it's good to go. 
A beautiful new door. Done in a day. Using supplies I already had. Can't beat it. How about a true before and after, just to milk those imaginary ooh's and aaah's I'm hearing from the live studio audience in my head. (What? Don't you hear them?)

 Before, taken while replacing the storm door last year.
 Before, with the said storm door in place.
Before, from the inside.

Say it with me: oooooooh. aaaaaaaah!

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This door's got a new lease on life. Finally.

Here's the side door in our kitchen. It's painted two tones in grimy paint and features less than classy sponge painted fruit and a curtain that's barely attached by broken brackets. 
But, it's not all bad. The classic design and chrome handle are fantastic and something that needed to be played up.

So I painted it black and we frosted the windows with our new BFF, a.k.a. frosting film. It's amazing what a coat of primer and two coats of paint will do to drastically change an appearance. We now LOVE this door. 

And we love saying goodbye to the old paint. 
By the way, this was the last of the sponge painting the old owners left behind. Remember what the master bedroom and guest room looked like a year ago? Painting this door was long overdue.

And you may've noticed in the photos above that another kitchen adventure has begun. The dining nook's paneling has been on our removal radar for awhile. And while I was working on the door I simply couldn't resist the urge to start tearing it out. Now I'm working on smoothing out the walls behind it. And considering it's almost all cracked plaster and 30 year old glue, it's quite a job. 

But the paneling is ready to be hauled away. Cheers to that.