Year of Photos: Week 15

The apple trees are blooming. Whenever I view the buds, I hear the Andrew's Sisters singing "I'll be with You in Apple Blossom Time" in my mind. "I'll be with you in apple blossom time.  I'll be with you to change your name to mine..."

We woke up to frost. I wanted to complain, but then remembered that last year at this time we still had mountains of snow--frost was the least of our worries. I put a smile on my face and took a photo instead.

I'm in the habit of standing by this window and peeking out at these plants when it's cool outside. Looking good!

Another window. Husband and I have different opinions on this one. He likes it. Me? I wouldn't mind it in another spot, but it's not my favorite for a front door. Replacing it isn't on the radar though. You know what they say. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Mountains of laundry to fold and put away has a way of making me feel rather small. 

I love that I can sit here and enjoy our blooming trees. Happy Friday!

There's a new abstract painting on the wall. Art is in interpretation. Do you see what I see?

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  1. I see a headless woman with her hand on her hip wearing blue tights. It might be you. Me, speaking to the headless blue girl, "Next time you feel like painting, start on the baseboard." After all, I am your mother. Who will tell you that if I don't? Oh yeah, You could talk to your husband who will probably offer the same advice.
    Regardless, I like the painting. Lots of color variations in the blue. Good work.

  2. I can now see the headless woman. Took me a bit. What I see is a variation on the mask from Scream, and I can't unsee it. What also catches my eye is that great light fixture. I really wish I could find a similar one.

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