Year of Photos: Week 14

Happy Easter Monday! This past week was fantastic. It capped off with a holiday visit to the farm--can't beat it. Here's the daily recap:
Supper: Grilled venison steaks and this amazing butternut squash, spinach and couscous salad. Yum.

I discovered another blooming bush tucked along our fence. The delicate pink flowers are so ladylike.

This bush's fern-like leaves are just coming forth. I imagine them opening before our eyes, as they would if they appeared in the Planet Earth movies. Great movies, by the way!

This beautiful creation is the holiday candy counter in my Mom's dining room. Everything on it is edible--even the Easter grass. I took photos immediately after we set it up, knowing how popular it would be.  Things were looking pretty sparse by the time we left on Sunday afternoon!

My nephew's favorite activity on family weekends? Basketball with his uncles, of course.

Meet Joey, the first bottle-fed calf of the calving season. He's a cutie.

Like father, like son.

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