Year of Photos: Week 13

Here it is: the long overdue photo recap for last week. Better late than never, right? Hope so. I didn't realize until I was editing how much I shot outside lately. What can I say, I'm loving all the discoveries we've made in our yard. So many pretty plants already!
This juneberry pie may not be pretty, but it sure did taste good. Thank goodness.

So much pretty texture on our fence.

We have a giant forsythia shrub!

Leaves are budding on the trees.

I stood underneath our pinecone-laden branches and admired the pine "flowers" for probably longer than most sane people would. But they're pretty, no?

More forsythia. The blooms are so cheerful.

And look, we have a robin who frequents our yard. 
Pretty bird. (Name that movie!)

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  1. Dumb and Dumber!!!

    (We've got no food, we've got no money and our pets heads keep falling off!!)

  2. I am taking away your tools and locking the tool box from now on!

    1. Um, handsome fella, you left your comment on the wrong post! :)