Cut the cord

Another week without a post. Yikes! And here it is Tuesday already. Now, perhaps you're wondering--as my mom was when we talked earlier today (HI MOM!)--why there weren't any photos on Sunday....or Monday....or Tuesday.

Or perhaps you saw the short story in the Facebook update.

Or perhaps you wish you saw it on Facebook but haven't found us there yet. If this last scenario describes you, fret no longer my friend! All our Facebook chatting is found right here. Just follow the link and start following along. Let's hang out!

But anyway, back to the story of what happened; a reason behind why my internet work stopped over the weekend.

Here's what the back of our house looked like on Saturday morning:

As you can see, we had a bit of an issue with satellite overload. Three of them we inherited with the house and don't use. It was time to say Adios.

So I took the three extras down, one by one. My happiness rose with each unfastened screw. By the time I had them all down, I was on a roll. I was feeling great. I was looking to continue my de-cluttering, which was good because all the satellite wires led me here:
A Cable One box? This was clearly out of date, as we don't have cable tv and we don't have any service from Cable One. 

Clearly outdated.  Clearly.

I took it out. Yeah, there was a few wires going into our house from it, but they were for cable tv, which we don't have.

Then there were the ugly wires along our siding that were clearly outdated. Clearly.

What was I to do?

Cut the cords, rip them out, fill the holes with spray foam and congratulate myself for a job well done. Because clearly this was all outdated. 


Hours later, after a morning of yard work, I went inside for a lunch break. The internet modem's yellow error light was flashing.


I immediately realized what I did. Immediately lost my appetite. Immediately started practicing my explanation to husband when he returned home from work. Who knew that internet uses the same type of cables that cable tv uses? Not me, clearly!

But one of the really great things about my husband is that he's very handy. And his dad taught him everything he knows--he's even handier than my hubby. Guess who was coming for a visit the next day? My father-in-law. If anyone could fix it without calling the pros, they could. 

And they did. But not without teasing me a bit first.

So sorry for the delays, but last week's photos will show up tomorrow. I couldn't resist sharing this little story first. 

Ah well, at least I got rid of the extra satellites!

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  1. hahaha! Omygosh you crack me up.

  2. you are a good sport! That is a funny story. :)

  3. That happened to someone I know...a friend...yeah, that's right...a friend!

  4. I would totally do that too. My place has cords all around the outside too, but luckily I haven't gotten that far yet.


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