Year of Photos: Week 12

My oh my, how the time does fly! Here it is, a full week after my last post. Bad, bad blogger. But enough with me...on to the photos!

Poised to kill....the video game animal. This serious sportsman is brought to you by Cabela's Big Game Hunter. Ha, maybe the virtual practice will help him during hunting season. We all know who the most successful hunter in our family was this past year. *points to self* Remember the photos??

Ok, the hummingbird plant hooks aren't really my thing, but I do love a good silhouette practice session. I have to shoot them before I get the urge to loosen those screws and say bye-bye birdie.

Why yes, as a matter of fact I did come home to my husband planting grass in March. And yes, we do live in North Dakota. As a reminder, this is what March looked like last year.

Hubby: "I need a haircut."
Me: "Let me know if you need help."

....Five minutes later....
Hubby: "Come here!"

I start rushing to the bathroom, thinking something must be wrong.

I stop hurrying when I hear Hubby again: "Bring the camera, this is awesome!"
...No emergency here folks. Just a man with a trimmers.

Winter is officially over. My toe nails are painted.

It's exciting to see our new yard come to life. We're not sure what to expect. Looks like there will be some pretty lilies.

And lilacs. 
Spring is here! Yippee!

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  1. Awesome photos, as usual. The haircut one cracked me up!


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