Year of Photos: Week 11

We traveled this weekend to visit old friends and meet new little ones (yay for babies!) We made it home just in time for me to get these photos up before bedtime.
My younger brother came to visit on his spring break. Good news for Mikey--a partner in video-game adventures.

My brother loves junk food. We do to, but choose to not keep it around--much to Joe's dismay. He brought his own and what do you know? The gummy bears had a stow-away worm in it. Is this like getting the golden ticket?

Oops! The packet broke when he started pounding. Ha. I love that we caught the spew on camera.

This pretty little lady has seen many basketball games. That's what happens when you have a teenage brother. She's a trooper.

We have a good view of rooftops. It's kinda fun.

I love that we have pine trees. They make fantastic wind breaks. In North Dakota, wind breaks are always welcome.

This little lady is the beautiful daughter of close friends. I love those long fingers. Volleyball-blocking hands!

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