Year of Photos: Week 10

We've had family visiting throughout the weekend. I didn't realize I skipped my Sunday post until Sunday was almost over! Uffda.
This little guy will be replaced with fresh blooms soon. Spring is here!

A vase.

Pretty (and oh so yummy) starfruit. Love.

Guess who turned another year older. Me. It was a fantastic day--practically perfect, I'd say. Mike brought doughnuts to me and my co-workers--morning treat! A colleague made a cheesecake in honor of my day--afternoon treat! And Mike took me out to dinner and a movie--evening treat! To top it off, I received all sorts of phone calls and messages from friends. Thank you!!!

Oatmeal. Breakfast of champions.

We have a favorite take-out place here in Boomtown. Upin Thai = Amazing.

I stopped to take photos of the geese on the open water, then I saw people standing on the (dangerously thin) ice, playing fetch with their dog. Um, what?!!?

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