Year of Photos: Week 9

This week really got away from me! Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm still getting used to balancing my full-time job, freelance work, house projects and blogging with everything else. 

Without further ado, my chosen photos from the last week:
On last week's post, my sister suggested I take more photos of us. This week I did. First up, this handsome man who somehow thinks I'm pretty cool, even after seeing me do things like yodel, happy dance over craigslist finds, and laugh so hard I snort (that actually happens a lot.) Amazing.

One of the many cool aspects of my job? I need steel-toed boots. The farm girl in me is happy.

This is what we I have been tackling lately on the home front. A to-do list of all the projects we've started but not finished. Yes, it's two pages, but it's a very detailed list, breaking down everything so anytime I complete even the simplest task I get to have the satisfaction of crossing it off. Note, my husband changed the "we" to "Kirsti" in my title of "Projects We Started and Need to Complete." 
Thanks for that honey.

I played around with a long exposure shot again. This time, 20 seconds of me doing yoga. I put my favorite routine on the TV, set up the shot and camera on the tri-pod, and had hubby push the button a few times. After the session was over, he suggested I buy myself a remote shudder release. Ha. Guess he isn't as into standing behind the camera as me!

My colleague's daughter is trying to earn her cookie badge in Girl Scouts. I think he said she needs to sell 150 boxes to do this. Of course I was happy to help her out. Thin mints, Carmel Delights (since when aren't they Samoa's?) and Lemonades for the Craig's please. 
Like I said, happy to help.

My favorite decorating books are also my oldest. It pretty much always works that way for me.

For dessert? Homemade Andes and Thin Mint ice cream. Yum.

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  1. I think you should blog your ice cream recipe! We have homemade ice cream every Friday night with homemade pizza and I LOVE mint icecream!