Put a book on it

 About a year ago (can it really only be a year?? Sometimes our life in Jamestown feels much more distant) I found this cute little mid-centuty modern china cabinet on Craigslist--for $25. As I explained at the time in this post, it was (and still is) my favorite C-list find. Hands down.

This cute little guy lived a happy life in our old home, functioning as the dish cupboard he was intended to be. 
He was happy. I was happy. Life was good.

Then we moved into a house with tons of built-in dish storage, i.e. this:
and suddenly we didn't have a need for a cute dish cupboard. So he sat in the garage and waited patiently for me to figure out what to do. 

I finally figured it out.

We don't have a need for dish storage, but we do have a major need for book storage in this new place we call home. So now our little mid-century modern dish cupboard is living a new life as a bookshelf in the gray guest bedroom.

Finally, more books are out of boxes and fewer boxes cover the floor of our eventual office (somehow all the book boxes landed here on moving day and haven't moved since.)

Finally, a place for the oh-so-important guest room necessities.

Finally, a place for our pretty-yet-practical books....oh wait--did I say something like that already?

The world is right again for our fantastic mid-century piece. 
He's happy. I'm happy. Life is good.

Now it's time to do something with that primed but unpainted guest room door...
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  1. Once upon a time you purchased a wooden horse chair from our garage sale. I have quite a few childhood memories of that beast. Curious...whatever happened to it? Your creative hands are the best for it to be in I am positive!

    1. Oh I love that chair! I originally planned to use it in our man cave tv room at our old house, but when my mom, a cowgirl, saw it she went head over heels in love. It's now living in the music room of my parents farmhouse!

  2. P.S. your house is looking AMAZING. I go on and stalk it frequently...living through you vicariously.

  3. Oh, love your cabinet! It has the sweetest little legs. That's a great use for it. Glad you got her out of the garage!

  4. Love your new use! How did you decide it was a he and not a she?

    1. Haha good question! I think I declared him a man after first finding the Craigslist ad last year. If you read the post I've linked above I mention how he made me all warm and giddy like a girl on a first date. Guess I decided early in he was a manly dish cabinet!

  5. Looks fantastic and oh so cozy!! Nice job Kirst!

    R and boys

  6. Kirsti,

    I had a little downtime this evening and decided to check in and see what you're up to. I am never disappointed. The "bookshelf" looks absolutely beautiful. You always satisfy my craving for a good home makeover.