Blogs I love: Scandi Faves

Time for another roundup of blogs I love to find updates from in my RSS reader. This time, a quick list of some Scandinavian favorites I so love.

I've mentioned my Norwegian heritage once or twice before. My family's heritage, traditions and even my namesake come from Norway. And my minimalistic husband's love of clean-lines and bright, uncluttered spaces fits right in with the Scandinavian design esthetic. We're big fans of it.

Check out these folks to satisfy your own scandi-fix (or create one you never knew existed!)

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  1. I live their clutter-free style! thanks again for including using us in the survey game...we had a lot of fun with it!

    1. Thanks Wom-Moms! Aren't the scandinavian photos pretty! I knew you fellow nordics would approve! :)


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