Year of Photos: Week 5

My oh my! Is it Monday already? Superbowl Sunday flew by (what a game!) and I didn't even think about posting photos until right before shutting off my lamp for the night. But of course, by that point I was way too cozy under the bed's blankets to want to get up.

Last week my grandma told me she thinks the captions add a lot to my photo recaps. I promised I'd add text as often as possible. Thanks for the feedback Grandma!
I love my mom's decorating style. She mixes traditional Scandinavian touches with beautiful antiques in a way that feels perfect for a North Dakota farmhouse. I've been practicing shooting in low light and indoors after it's dark--during short winter days I don't have to wait very long for the sun to set. A tri-pod helps a lot. 

Butler loves to go on walks. He runs, sniffs, explores and romps around in the snow and grass. He gallops back over occasionally--just checking in to make sure I'm doing alright.
Yes, walks are much more fun when you have a farm dog for entertainment.
Another indoors-after-dark shot. This time, from my older brother's apartment--clearly the home of a musician with two guitars, a harmonica and other instruments sitting around.
 Grain bins are beautiful. They're even more beautiful at sunset, no?
Remember when I told you about standing in my pajamas on my deck to take a few shots of the sunrise?  I did it again, but this time I was on my parent's deck. The only difference was this time I had my dad around to tell me to shut the door and put shoes on.
 My sister has long, slender hands. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who notices these things. Ha.) Seriously, she could be a hand model. But she's not, she's a hardworking career woman. My case in point? The dots of pen ink on her left ring finger. Those are working hands!
Looks like I found a favorite subject to photograph at the conference I was attending: my sister. She presented to the whole group. I'm proud.

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  1. pretty sure you and your sister are twins! crazy!

    1. Haha, thanks! I'm always thankful when people say we look alike--she's beautiful!