We're social. Really, we are.

Yes, Mike and I usually prefer a weekend immersed in projects at home to nights out on the town. It's true, we had a New Year's Eve party for two instead of going out. And you're right, we sometimes get so involved in our home-improvement adventures that we forget we haven't spoken to some of our friends in far too long.

But we're social creatures. I promise.

Evidence? Lovely LaLaLand is now on Facebook.

I put a page together so I can share the latest blog posts, tidbits that don't make it to the blog and links to other fun topic-related reads I come across.

We want to connect with our friends and readers. What can I say? Yes, we're DIY junkies who wear work clothes more than party clothes. And I'm the girl who usually has paint splatters in her hair instead of ribbons. But we love our friends as much as anyone--let's hang out!

So head on over to facebook.com/lovelylalaland to join in on the conversation.

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  1. Can't wait to get more social with you :) I 'liked' you!

  2. Oh, we just started our own page, too. I'll head on over there right now...

    Cane and I aren't especially social, either. We're both introverts (how the heck we both ended up being teachers I don't really know), and one of our favorite dates is to head to a coffee shop with our respective laptops. Works for us!

    1. Thanks Rita!
      Your date reminds me of our version of an evening on the couch--each of with laptops in front of us and iphones close by. Our big joke is when we facetime the other person to ask a question. Ha.

    2. Dakotapastor and I often communicate better via Facebook, sitting across the room from each other..plus, my twin labor was live facebooked...but no photos until everyone was cleaned up:)

    3. Ha. Love it! THanks for sharing DakotaPam!

    4. Oh, we've done that FB chatting while in the same room, too! Mostly just to be nerdy :-) Glad to know we're not the only ones!