Thoughtful thrifting

I've had some fun thrifty finds recently. What's more, I have a purpose for all of them. Hubby, out of his minimalistic tendencies, always asks me what I'm going to use something for when I bring it home. It's actually very helpful. I'm thoughtful of every.single.thing. I look at in the stores and only bring home things I really love and will use. Praise the Lord for a husband who makes me a better thrifter!

Anyone else found fun things recently?

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  1. I want that ice bucket! My parents had one just like it when I was growing up. After giving away carloads to Goodwill after our move last summer, I'm much more selective about what I bring into the house. I did just find some new dinner plates that I had to bring home, though! :-)

    1. Oh I know! I've wanted one of the penguin ice buckets for a while now, so I was pretty pumped when I found it...and that's quite a literal description, as I actually did a couple fist pumps. (Yes, I'm THAT girl in the thrift store.) Ha.
      And yay for your new plates! Thrifting treasure is such fun!