The great gray guest room

Now that the flooring has been laid throughout the main floor, we're finally able to set up our guest rooms (friends and family, take note!) We're calling this room the gray room. Walls of Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint leftover from the kitchen makes the naming process easy. And while we're trying to keep things light and bright in this house, we're pretty much in love with this color. It's so rich. So moody. In some light it's faded, others it's inky (see the side-by-side photos below as evidence.) We're fans.

The bedside tables formerly flanked the couch. As you can see, while they're similar in style, they're not a set. The one on the left is taller, which caused the lamp to sit a few inches higher than its counterpart on the right. Nothing a stack of books won't fix!

And yes, we've yet to install the baseboard. We've yet to paint it, for that matter.


This room is also the new home for our Duncan Phyfe drop-leaf table. We love this table during holiday mealtimes with tons of people gathering. Keeping it in this room makes it easy to bring out when needed.

 And in the meantime, it makes a great spot to store some guest room essentials like candy and a water pitcher. (Is it just me or do water and peppermint sticks seem more appealing when they're in vintage aluminum pitchers and enameled bowls?)

Things have definitely changed since move-in day. The room used to look like this:

And so far, we've managed to get it this far:

Still to do:
  • paint the trim/baseboards/doors white
  • install the baseboards, closet doors, door to room once they're all painted and cured
  • replace the ceiling fan with something brighter--hopefully vintage and inexpensive!
  • pretty it up with some art, a chair and other fun things

Still, it's all about the progress!

*Update: I'm sharing this project on Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party. See all the linked-up posts here.

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  1. I'm coming for a visit soon! That quilt brings back many old high school memories of you. Still love it.The paint color is awesome with the floors!

    1. Yay! I can't wait! It'll be a big improvement over Thanksgiving, despite it's half-finished state. And yes, the quilt is an oldie but a goodie.

  2. Really like the gray color on the walls, and love the nightstand on the left. And that quilt--is it handmade? I love seeing rooms in progress--because that's what ALL of ours are, every single one of them. We will never be those people who can re-do a whole room at once.

    1. Thanks Rita. The quilt is actually an LLBean purchase from years ago. It was in my high school bedroom with sheets that had candy hearts printed on them. My mom is a quilter, so it was a big deal when she bought me this "dream" bedding!

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