A full view of the guest room #2

I've shared some details with you about the second guest room since we got rid of the wall paper border, painted the walls and replaced the carpeting with hardwood.

Everything from the styled shelves of my family heirloom hutch...

...to the mismatched tables and lamps beside the bed. But I haven't shown the whole space yet.

Fortunately for you, all that is about to change! Ready for a glimpse at the big picture?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Monumental, right?!? Earth shattering, no??



Ah well. The view may not be the most magnificent reveal, but it does give a pretty good idea of the size of the space--i.e. not large. I was standing against the back of the closet for this shot and could barely fit the entire opposite wall in the image. Because of the size, we don't plan to add much more to the space.

Besides baseboards, that is.

And a new light (can't wait to replace the baseball ceiling fan!)

And closet doors once they're painted.

But more furniture? Probably not.

We're thrilled with the way the room is coming together. Once we get some art and maybe a few more accessories we should be set.

And this view from the hallway feels really great. I love the midcentury chair and footstool by the antique hutch. The ornate piece feels less serious when it's surrounded by its younger friends. 

So there it is, a look at what our second guest room has going on. It finally feels like our space, as opposed to the one left behind by a small child. Remember, this one:

(Before. Taken on moving day in mid-November.)


  1. Oh, will you PLEASE come to my house and get rid of all my wallpaper! :-) You've made lots of progress. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Read a great post somewhere yesterday on how to make sure your guest room really is guest-friendly--but of course I now can't find it (even in my history).

    1. Rita, I'll let you know the next time my hubby brings me back to Portland to visit his family. :) I too have read magazine articles and the like about how to make your rooms guest-friendly. And I'm implementing them. Stay tuned!

  2. It looks great! SO much better than the before. =) I love that antique cabinet, I was just admiring one at an antique shop nearby. Unfortunately, it was waaay outta my price range! Yours is probably worth a lot too, way to go!

    1. Thanks Mikalah! My favorite thing about the hutch is that it has been in my family for five generations. Something with that much family history is priceless!

  3. The room is looking good, so many great vintage finds! I can't believe you didn't want to keep the baseball fan lol!

    1. Thanks Amy! Ha, that fan can't come down fast enough.

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