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I've been neglecting LaLaLand this week. Sorry!

What can I say? I can't help myself. You see, I've spent the last week at family's farm in GriggsDakota. And when I'm here, I tend to lose myself in my love of the farm. I've enjoyed walks with our dog Butler, cooking with my grandma in her kitchen, my nephew's small town basketball game and visiting family and friends.

Today I'm attending a local foods conference on behalf of our blog, Griggsdakota.com. (I'm currently writing this between sessions.)

I'm live tweeting, bloggging and posting photos throughout the day. If your interested, follow along with what's going on through our GriggsDakota social media sources:
Our blog,
Facebook page,
Twitter account,
and my Instagram feed.

See you Sunday with the my week of photos!

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