Extra flooring? Extra project

The flooring saga continues.

In an unexpected, but happy turn of events, after we finished laying all of our engineered maple hardwood throughout the upstairs we had five and a half boxes of flooring leftover. 

What to do, what to do...

Return it? Nope. After a quick phone call to my favorite (and only) brother-in-law who owns North Dakota's fantastic Pinke Lumber, we confirmed that he couldn't return the boards to his supplier. That left one alternative: Install it. With the whole main floor already covered in the stuff, Mike and I set our sights on the lower level, specifically the master bedroom.

You know, the room that looked like this on moving day back in November:

Brown shag carpet (the nightmare flooring of all allergy sufferers like myself), brown ceiling fan that barely lets off any light...

Brown walls, brown wood trim...

And brown vertical blinds that omitted dust clouds whenever they moved. Yuck.

The room was greatly improved when we demoed a wall and made a huge closet, as shown here. We also got rid of those vertical blinds asap and replaced them with easy-to-clean blackout shades. We planned to do the flooring sooner than later, but didn't know how soon.

Apparently, soon was yesterday.

By late in the afternoon yesterday, the room looked like this:
No more carpet, no more bed, no more baseboard, but a pile of heavy furniture in the corner.

An hour or so later, things were whiter and brighter, thanks to the Benjamin Moore Super White paint on the walls and the construction spotlight lighting our work. Yes, the ceiling light was on, but three christmas light sized bulbs are really useless in a room this size. Can't wait to find something fun and vintage to replace it!

A couple hours after that, the underlayment was down and flooring process started. 

By midnight, we were sleeping in a room that looked like this:
Much better, right?!? (Sidenote: After I shot this photo I realized in our late-night haste we put our bedspread on in the wrong direction. Oops.)

Now, by no means were we able to pull off a magic, HGTV worthy 24-hour room transformation. There's a lot to do before this room is done. 

For one thing, we ran out of flooring. (More is already on the way though. Thanks Pinke Lumber!)

And all the trim needs priming and painting.

Oh, and rather than just move the stack of furniture we had against the wall, we stopped painting. Not my idea, but husband (who worked on a professional painting crew in high school) convinced me. Something about his promise to finish up the painting all by himself and without spilling on the new flooring won me over. That and the late hour on the clock.

Unfinished state and all, this room is far more to our liking. It's amazing how much an evening of work can accomplish.

*Update: I'm sharing this project on Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party. See all the linked-up posts here.


  1. I can't wait to see this house in person. You guys are going to town on the changes!

    1. Thanks Lori! I can't wait for you to visit too!

  2. You two are amazing!! What a transformation. Can't wait to see what project is next! :)

    Love- R and "boys"

    1. Aw, thanks Rennae! As for the next project, Mike says I need to finish up the loose ends of all we've started before we take on something else. Ha.

  3. So much lighter and brighter already! The floor looks great!

  4. That was an amazing transformation! So exciting.

    1. Thanks Megan! Now I'm itching for the rest of the flooring to arrive so it can really be done.

  5. Good for you!! It looks soo much better. And for one day of work!? Even BETTER!

    1. Thanks Coley! Not gonna lie, it was an all out push to finish before midnight, but at least it's a start!

  6. Your floors are looking amazing! I love the light tones in your house too - makes the whole room feel bigger and brighter. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement on our upcoming flooring project!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

    1. Thanks Meredith! We couldn't be happier. I'm sure you'll be just as thrilled!