Year of Photos: Week 3

One more week into the year means one more week of photos to share. And what's this? Descriptions with each?

Don't mind if I do.

Happy Sunday!
 Full disclosure: This photo was taken with my iPhone, not my camera. The point of my photo project is to practice with my new camera, so I don't intend to post phone photos. But, last Sunday I kept putting off taking a picture (I was going to use the flowers as my subject) because there were other things to do--like clean before our friends came over for dinner. Then, after our friends left in the evening and took the flowers with them, I realized I never got to it. Thankfully I snapped this on my phone to post on Instagram. It'll do this time. But never again, I tell you!

...For some reason, I feel like I just shot myself in the foot by saying no more iPhone photos. Who am I kidding? I have no idea what's to come. Let's leave the option open, shall we?

We shall. *Picture me nodding my head emphatically--because I really am right now. Ha.
Chocolate cherry banana bread. One word: Yum. And yes, that's gluten free flour on the counter. We're making the switch to being a low/no gluten house after realizing someone in our little family has a bit of an intolerance to it. This unnamed individual--who's name starts with an "M" and ends with an "ike"--wishes for me to stop talking about this change because he doesn't like thinking of himself as being intolerant to any food, let alone favorites like breads, doughnuts, pizza dough, cakes, cookies, pasta...I could go on and on but I'll stop for the sake of he-who-shall-not-be-named (and no, I'm not talking about Voldemort.)
 This was taken close to sunset--around 3 p.m. The wagon came with the house. While it'll be fun to see the yard once the warm weather comes and everything is back to life, I've enjoyed tromping back there lately during our unseasonably warm weather.
 It's like a game. Every morning I come upstairs to see what's happening on the kitchen window. Sometimes there's a patch of frost crystals looking like snowflakes, as was the case on this day...
 ...and sometimes there's a blanket of ice weaving a pattern over the entire surface. Sometimes there isn't anything. That's not nearly as fun.
 Snow during the night and morning left everything outside wearing a fine coat of winter white. The pinecones look festive, no?
I looked out the window while sipping my morning java and reading the paper. Instantly, the coffee mug left my hand, camera went in it, and my slippers shuffled onto the snowy deck. Thankfully my robe has a hood on it--kinda chilly.

The things we do for a photo.

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  1. Gorgeous sunrise photo! I have been having dreams lately about taking pictures of glorious sunsets. They are really quite psychedelic in my dreams. Also, I love how the art on the windows changes from day to day. A perk of living in ND.

  2. You know there is gluten free pizza at some pizza places in Grand Forks... hint hint. I'll be on the look out for recipes, but be sure he is fully aware of the consequences of Gluten to the body when you are intolerant!! I know it'll be hard for he who must not be named to make a switch. - Joe

  3. That last photo awed me. Such a fun project!