Mmmm maple

I love me some maple. Yep, I sure do. 

That's maple flooring, not syrup (though I won't refuse if you offer me some sweet stuff next time there are pancakes.) But no, today I'm loving the maple engineered hardwood we've been installing these last few days. It's been a lot of work--a. lot. of. work.--but now that the hardest parts are behind us, our sore joints and weary muscles don't bother us nearly as much. I mean, how can you not have a perma-smile on when you walk up the stairs to see this:

We were able to knock off the kitchen, dining area, living room and hallway. We'll tackle the the two bedrooms soon--as soon as our knees stop popping when we stand up and our backs no longer feel permanently hunched. That soon. And we still have all the baseboard off the walls. We'll paint it white before re-installing it--also soon. 

I'll share more photos of our process soon, but for now I just want to gush about how beautiful things are looking.  Ok? 
Ok, thanks.

The kitchen is looking rather smashing with its new wall color and floors, if I do say so myself. (Sidenote: that little black thing in between the cabinet and the flooring in the photo above is a spacer I forgot to remove before shooting. We had to leave small gaps all along the edge to allow for expansion and contraction. But as I said, I'll save those nitty-gritty details for later.) I was a little worried that there would be wood overload in there with all the cabinets and floor being natural, but as hubby said to me once the floor was laid and we were singing its praises, "See, wood with wood is a good look."  Yes, indeed.

It's amazing how much brighter the space is with the pale, solid surface reflecting light all over the place. And thanks to the lack of dust and dander, my allergies have been greatly reduced. Hurray!

It's come a long way since moving day, back in mid-November:

And it's finally starting to feel like our home, as opposed to "the house we just moved in to." We're thrilled.