Master Closet: So far, so good

Here it is folks, the day you've all been waiting for: the closet in our master bedroom is finished (for now.) 
What? You haven't been dreaming of this day? That's just me? 

There's no door, and no fresh paint in the bedroom, but let's look inside the closet to see what has changed.


After tearing out the wall between the two old closets, framing the opening on what was the old hall closet, installing the new drywall, wiring lights on a switch, mudding and painting, we installed a Rubbermaid closet system. (I love how I can type the whole process in one sentence and make it seem all easy and simple--like it was one full swoop. It wasn't, at all, but at least it can seem like it. Ha.)

We went with the Rubbermaid system because we thought it was the same one that was used in the hall closet we tore out. Turns out, the old closet used a different, Closetmaid system, but by the time we realized it we didn't feel like returning the Rubbermaid one. Full speed ahead!

Besides, we're thrilled with the customizable results the Rubbermaid system gave us--thrilled. It looks great on the freshly painted (with leftover Sherwin Williams Rhinestone paint from the living room) walls and ceiling.
Yes, eventually we'll find another spot in the house to use the Closetmaid shelf that we removed. And we're hoping we'll be able to buy more pieces to add to it, like we did here. I mean, have you seen all this closet entails? Allow me to share!

We have tons of hanging space for long items, short items, and items that are somewhere in between.

 Handy hubby replaced the single bulb on a pull-string with three pot lights on switch. Installing the recessed lighting was tricky because the ceiling in this area is littered with duct work. You may notice in a few of the photos that the cans are not centered in the space--they're closer to wall holding the whole closet system on the right side. That's because of a giant air vent that runs above the ceiling on the left side of the space. And we originally planned to have a light centered above the doorway, but another vent covers the whole area. All's well that ends well though. We're happy with the final result of the lights....

...especially because of the convenient dimmer switch they're on. We can turn on the lights while still bleary-eyed from sleep and not get blasted by full output. Mike is especially excited about this feature, as he gets ready for work in the wee hours of the morning.

We have baskets--white for my things, black for hubby's--in all shapes and sizes.

There are even two larger galvanized metal bins for corraling bulkier items. These bins weren't in the same area of the store as the other baskets--I think they're intended for use in a garage or something more hardcore--but I loved them too much to pass them up. Aren't they fun?!

 We have a wall of shoe shelves. You read that correctly. A whole wall, entirely devoted to storing shoes. This is the stuff dreams are made of!

Did I mention we have lots of hanging space? 
I did? Oh good!

You may've noticed there's still some work to be done--let's call all that we've accomplished up to now Phase One. The closet door and flooring are Phase Two. Phase one is all about getting our clothes out of the baskets, bags and random areas of the house and into our closet. Phase two? That stuff can wait for a while.

It's come a long way from the humble beginnings as a hall closet...

...and a small, shelf-filled closet in the bedroom.

 Tearing through the wall was just the beginning, as we explained here. Then the holiday season came around and our progress was put at a stand-still for a few weeks.

But here it is, looking better than ever. Time to start putting clothes away!

*Update: I'm sharing this project on Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party. See all the linked-up posts here.

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  1. Looks great! So much space! We've used those Rubbermaid closet systems in our house and have been really happy with them.

  2. You still need to put my clothes away for me please!

  3. I'm so excited to get ours in now that I have seen yours!