Kitchen walls and ceiling--check.

Hello, hello, hello! While today and tomorrow are designated work days for us, I wanted to pop in to share the progress we made with the painting yesterday. I got all the border down (finally!) and had the painting started by the time hubby returned from work. We worked late into the night to apply the two coats of Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint to the walls and a fresh coat of white to the ceiling (turns out the old owners had tan paint on the ceiling in this room too.) Nothing like a midnight painting party to inspire some productivity!

We're loving the deep, moody gray. We're also loving the way the yellow oak cabinets look next to it. Yes, the cabinets just gained a little more respect from yours truly. And Mike is glad, he loves that oak.

Note, the baseboard and trim around the windows and door will be painted white (that was our compromise--I got to paint all the trim but promised to leave the oak.) We'll be pulling the baseboard up before we lay the new flooring, labeling them and painting them in the garage before re-installing them sometime in the future.

Ok, hubby says I need to get back to work. Ta ta for now!

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  1. Ooh, that color is lovely! And with your gorgeous tulip table in front, perfection. =)

  2. So...I'm sensing a little oak antipathy :-) I had it in my last house, which had white walls and oak everywhere (in an open floor plan with a big island and built in cabinets in the living room), so the idea of painting the oak was more than daunting. I ended up painting the kitchen/dining walls and putting in a red kitchen floor (which really did something for the warmth in the oak) and putting in wood floors everywhere else, and I got to a place where I actually liked the oak, too.

    Your house is looking beautiful--especially for moving just in November! We moved in August and I'm only now finally feeling almost all moved in.

  3. holy cow that looks GREAT! I never thought I'd wish for oak cabs! :) Can we see ore of the painted kitchen? We are so putting this in my partner's new house.

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