Cutting vents in the new floor

Hey! I've been tackeling some items on my to-do list (written on my fridge, as explained here.) Here's one of them: cutting out the holes for the vents in our new flooring. Exciting stuff!
 There's an air vent under that floor. We marked the general area of it when we were laying the flooring. You can't see it in the photo above, but I promise, it's marked with pencil marks.

I put tape over our pencil marks--ended up doing much more tape than these three strips to make sure I had the whole area covered but this is just the beginning stage. The tape was laid to help keep the surface of the wood from splitting while I was drilling and cutting.

Time to drill a pilot hole and figure out exactly where the vent was.

Then I got out the jigsaw (which hooks up to our mini shop vac to suck away the wood chips as I'm cutting--how slick is that?!?) and proceeded to cut out the vent. Ah, fresh air again!

Now it's time for me to spray paint the old vent covers from the kitchen and living room. I really should've done it a few days ago when it was over 50 degrees outside (can you believe it? In North Dakota in January!) but of course I didn't. And now it's snowing and back to normal, cold weather. Looks like we'll be living without vent covers for awhile.

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