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Do you ever read something on the internet and find it so interesting you're immediately compelled to share it with anyone and everyone? I do. Often. 
It's not that I read anything fancy or overly profound. Most of these fun tidbits come from the blogs I follow. I readily admit I have way too many blogs in my Google Reader to keep track of all that's going on, but there's so much to learn from all the content out there. That's one of the things I love most about blogs, the ability to learn from and connect with kindred spirits you would otherwise never be able to. I want to share these favorite reads with you, my blog friends. Maybe you'll have already known and loved them like me, or maybe they'll be new on your radar. Either way, I hope you enjoy! 

Blogs I Love: this will be an occasional feature highlighting a handful of blogs I stalk read. I'll break them up into groups to keep the posts to a manageable size.

Who to feature for the inaugural post? I can't think of any group better to start with than my fellow family members who blog. Time to meet my Mom and Sister!

Yes, both my Mom (on the left in the above photo holding my squirmy little niece) and my sister Katie (in the middle--mother to my still-squirmy-a-couple-years-later niece) are bloggers. We are women who are passionate about sharing, teaching, creating, writing and giving--blogging is an outlet for those passions.

GriggsDakota - GriggsDakota is a blog centered around my family's fifth generation farm here in North Dakota. I started the blog back in May 2009 (with this post here during my brown hair phase--yikes!) as a summer project to help inform others about where their food comes from and what we do on our farm to grow it. My mom, Jane, took it over when I returned to college that fall and has been hard at it ever since!

My dad, known as Farmer Fred on the blog, is also an excellent writer and helps her from the backend by finding her when he has something interesting for her to photograph, proofing the posts and offering suggestions on how to best describe technical terms. Together, they seamlessly blend their passion for growing food, love for our family's land, and in-depth industry knowledge into easy to swallow tidbits of information.
Mom posts every weekday, sharing stories from our fields, photos of our beautiful land, crafts, recipes, poetry and family history. I love that her posts are brief and photo-filled. I also admire her ability to share the beauty around her. As I move further and further away from my farm (this last move put hubby and me a six-hour car trip away) I long for it more. I get my daily fix from Mom's posts. Check out the blog by clicking on the header image above or by following the link here.

Pinke Post - My one and only sister, Katie Pinke, is loud, vivacious and passionate. She's charming, personable, and knows how to tell a good story. She's also very hardworking and driven. It's no wonder that since starting her blog in December 2007 she's gained a following of readers who can relate with her on different levels. She shares stories from her life as a working-mom, a family business owner, a home cook, a communicator in the agriculture industry and a woman raising her family in small town North Dakota--a life she treasures but never expected.

Katie is the oldest of us four kids. She's the fearless leader of my brothers and me, and she's our biggest fan. (At six feet, she's also the shortest of us tall kids!) The four of us have much in common besides our long limbs, blonde hair and blue eyes. She reminds me of this when she shares fun stories from our childhood, our life as farm kids, and from the perspective of a proud North Dakotan--something we all are.

My favorite posts on Pinke Post are the stories about my adorable nieces and nephew--what can I say, I'm a little biased. I mean, don't you just want to kiss these cute cheeks!?!


No? Just me?
Either way, I hope you check out the Pinke Post by clicking on the header image above or by following the link here.

Ok, now it's your turn. What are some of your favorite blogs? Anyone else have a family of bloggers?

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  1. Great post! I met Katie through our blogs and Twitter and finally got to meet her in person yesterday. Vivacious is right! And wow, she's the shortest? I used to consider myself a tall girl until I met her! I'll be coming back!

    1. Thanks DakotaPam! Yes, she told you that you met--fun! And yes, Katie is the shortest by four inches! :) She's a wee one in our family, but she's feisty!

  2. Kirsti, You are so blessed to have bloggers in your family. I can't get any of mine to blog. None of them say they like to write. I would love it if my sister on a her ranch would blog. Oh well, I enjoy other blogs and like to your read your Mother's.
    Karen G

    1. Thanks Karen. You're right, I'm blessed with a family of communicators. And we live in a place with plenty of beauty to share with the world!