We're in the closet

Don't worry, there aren't any skeletons. 
We're just working away on our first real construction project in the new place. And boy-oh-boy, have we been busy. 

 Remember this closet in our basement hallway?

And this closet in our bedroom?
They butt against each other, sharing a small wall between them. After touring the house we knew we wanted to combine them into one large master closet for our bedroom. Losing the closet space in the hallway wasn't a big deal--there's another good-sized closet only a few feet away.
After living a few weeks with boxes and bags of clothes strewn around a bedroom neighboring our sleeping space, we beyond ready to have all our things in the new closet. I don't think we'll really feel settled in our new space until our clothes are organized and in place. Digging through boxes for a specific piece is ok for awhile, but it's high time to get this thing started.

 We began by removing the shelves and doors in the hall closet and the shelves in the bedroom closet.

 Then it was time for the door jamb and trim to come down.

 After that was done, the inside of the hall closet (with two shades of white paint on the walls) looked like this:

Soon, after the swing of the ol' sledgehammer, it looked like this:

p.s. Don't you love the fruity contact paper on the bedroom closet shelves? Me--not so much. But it was obviously a favorite of someone's because  when we moved in it was literally in almost every cabinet and closet in the house. It matched the fabric of the kitchen and laundry room valences. It also matched a stow-away potholder we found left behind at the back of one of the kitchen drawers. Got to give them credit for being consistent!

Not long after we broke through the wall, we had it removed, cleaned up and the carpet in the bedroom closet was out.

Now it was time to break out hubby's new power tool and remove the linoleum from the hall closet. Let me just say that if you ever have to remove glued-down linoleum from a floor you should totally get a Craftsman multi tool (or something similar) for the job. It cut like butter--no lie. I kinda couldn't believe how easy it went. Soon the floor was looking like this:

As you can see, there's more paper backing to remove from the concrete before we can lay our new floor, but it shouldn't take too long. We love our new tool!

It was then time to frame in the new wall, closing off the closet from the hallway. 

The sheetrock went up next.

We also put sheetrock on the inside of the closet before calling it a night, but silly me, I didn't snap a photo after that was done. Next time.

We still have quite a bit to do before this project is done, namely:

  • Tape and mud the joints of the sheetrock.
  • Install three can lights on a switch, replacing the single bulb fixture on a pull cord.
  • Patch the holes from the old shelving and paint the walls.
  • Install the closet rods and shelves.
  • Lay flooring--not sure what we'll go with yet, likely a floating laminate.
  • Replace the louvered closet door with a standard door. (Growing up, my mom called the shutter-style doors "dust-collector doors." As a girl who's allergic to dust, I can't wait to see the one in my bedroom gone-zo.)

Lots to do, but not bad for an afternoon of work!


  1. What a big project. I bet it won't be long and all your clothes will all organized. I liked your note about the contact paper. I would have completely missed it in your shot.

  2. You're so lucky you have a handy husband who's willing to tackle these projects. Someday I hope to find a handy man! Great work!