One month in

Last week marked one month since we made the big move into our new home. It's kinda hard for us to believe. Time flies when you're having fun!
To mark the occasion, I put together a little list of all the projects we've started or accomplished in the last few weeks and all the things we plan to tackle in the upcoming months. This is the easiest way I could think of to share with youall the ideas and plans we're discussing between the two of us. I hope to blog about a lot of the projects in the future, but in case I don't get a chance, you'll know what's up. 

Here's what we've started--not to be confused with "finished." Not everything on this list is done yet. 
  • Unpack all the boxes.
  • Figure out furniture placement throughout the house.
  • Discern what furniture and stuff will go in the spring rummage sale. Pile it in one of the empty bedrooms. (Yep, we currently have a dump room. Yikes!)
  • (Here's an in-progress peek at some of our painting--no, the doors aren't finished yet. :) When we moved in we thought we had white walls and ceilings. Priming and painting the doors, trim and ceiling reveals that the walls are actually cream and the ceiling is a pale tan. We're thinking things will look a lot brighter when we're done with all the painting. Yay!)
  • Paint the living room/entry walls and ceiling.
  • Prime and paint all the trim and doors on the upper level.
  • Replace the upstairs hallway light fixture. (The old fixture is already almost out, as seen in the photo above. We're replacing it with a vintage hand-me-down from a friend. It's retro and fun!)
  • Remove the blinds throughout the house (they're not very allergy-friendly) and replace with simple shades.
  • Take down the wallpaper using this method in the:
    • kitchen
    • upstairs bathroom
    • baseball bedroom
    • laundry room
    • basement entry
    • office
  • Paint kitchen walls.
  • Convert two closets into one large master closet, which includes:
    • Demo & framing--shown here.
    • Drywall & mudding
    • Install lighting
    • Paint
    • Install closet system
    • Flooring
  • Fix water heater, which means we are:
    • Draining sediment
    • Replacing the broken dip-tube. 
  • Insulate garage ceiling.
  • Replace all exterior door hardware and locks.
  • Install a garage heater.
  • Order flooring for the main floor. More on that here.

Upcoming plans:
  • Paint upstairs bath.
  • Paint all bedrooms.
  • Tear out the carpet and install engineered hardwood flooring upstairs.
  • Find a nice, big sectional for the living room. Remember when I discussed sectionals here last spring? We're glad we never pulled the trigger on that purchase. Our needs and preferences have changed some. What we thought was our top pick--IKEA's Karlstad sectional--is no longer in the running. I'll share more on this later.
  • Mount the television to the wall. Rather than buy an expensive mounting kit, I'd love to use one of the DIY methods. Maybe do something like this or this.
  • Install recessed lighting in the living room.
  • Replace ceiling fan above dining table. I'd love to DIY a fixture like this!
  • As mentioned here, replace the entry ceiling fan with capice lamp-turned fixture.
  • Replace basement carpets with laminate flooring.
  • Get ourselves a new, king-size bed. (Our queen is a little tight for two people over 6'4" but the narrow hallway in our old house prevented us from getting anything bigger. Our new, larger home means we get a new, larger bed!)

There you have it, our game plan. These aren't all the plans we have for the house--just the ones we're hoping to tackle before summer rolls around and we shirft our focus to the yard. And we--of course--already have some outdoor plans swirling around our heads. Should be fun!


  1. Oh my, all that you have started it amazing. You will have a completely different house they way you are going. So cool.
    Oh and make sure you tell us when you are going to have that garage sale. I might have to make the trip from Bismarck that weekend. :)