New Year's Eve, plan B

I had grand plans for tonight, New Years Eve 2011. Grand plans.

Friends are getting married, which always makes for a fun party.  I had my dress picked out. I've been walking around in my favorite pair of heels to remind me what it's like to walk with spikes under my feet. I had a shopping list of all the things I need from stores not in my ND boom town. I promised to see friends. I told the mother of the groom that "I'll see you there!"

Then, I got sick.

Nothing major, but enough of a bug to prevent me from traveling to the event and dancing the night away once I'm there. Boo.

Plan B: stay home with hubby, who is in the middle of his work week and never planned to attend the wedding in the first place.

Looks like we'll just have a quiet evening at home together.

But my strength is mounting, my illness subsiding, and as the day goes on I'm longing for some fun. What's a girl to do?

I'll tell you what. She makes a plan, shops for necessities and returns home to whip up a party for two--though it'll likely end long before the clock strikes midnight in our timezone. We're shooting for midnight in New York. After all, hubby has to work tomorrow morning.

So I dragged myself out of bed, showered and put on some makeup to hide my dark circles and pale complection. Heaven forbid another shopper should guess I'm not feeling my best. Food, flowers, an on-sale plastic table cloth (who wants to launder table linens when they're sick??) and some sparkly doodads later, I pay for my items and set off for home.

Then, I set it all up before the sun gets too low in the sky to take any decent photos. Because what's the point if you don't have decent photos, right?

With a sigh of contentment--or maybe that's exhaustion?--I collapse back onto the couch. And now I'm writing this post. But my rest must end shortly. Hubby will be home soon and I haven't started dinner!

Happy New Years my friends!

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  1. Plan A sure would have been fun, but your plan B looked like it was fun too! I love your bright colored flowers as part of your new year eve decor!