Insulating the garage

Well, hello there! Here it is almost New Years already and I have all sorts of posts I've been planning for and never published. Time to catch up! In the next week I hope to get a post out every day, rounding out the projects that we've been doing. Since this blog is a journal (of sorts) for all our adventures in homeownership, I want to document them before the memories fade. Here it goes!

When we moved into our new place in November, we noticed only half of the garage ceiling and walls were insulated. Since hubby has grand plans for his new workbench, a cold garage wasn't an option. What to do? Insulate!

We picked up rolls of paper-backed fiberglass insulation with a R-19 value for the walls. The paper back makes for an easy install and needs no additional vapor barrier. For the ceiling, we couldn't find paper backed rolls in the R-value we wanted (R-30 for pleanty of protection against cold North Dakota winters.) Instead, we went with fiberglass batts without any facing. This means an additional vapor barrier of plastic will have to be put on top of it before we're really finished.

Mike also picked up these nifty little tension rods that simply slide into place between the joists and hold up the insulation. After a few hours of work the garage was properly insulated and ready to withstand whatever the North Dakota winds decide to whip up.

And, we've noticed that the garage is much more comfortable since insulating. ...But then again, maybe that's because we've been having daily highs above 50 degrees!

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  6. It is beautiful. I think I drooled all over my computer. While I'm not partial to the greenish color on the walls, I love how they created the finish. Thanks for sharing with us.