The first thrift trip

I visited Dickinson's local thrift store for the first time. You know, just to check it out; get a taste of what thrifting is available here. I didn't pick up a basket or grab a cart--I was just looking after all. Besides, I have big hands. Big hands are great for holding lots of stuff. 

Here's the treasure that jumped into my long, open arms. (I use the term "treasure" loosely. I don't pick out things because of their supposed value. I simple choose what I love.) 

 A souffle bowl; because I don't have one, and in my ongoing cooking lessons Julia says I need the proper bowl before she can teach me how to make them. The art of a souffle--a skill everyone learns, right?

A chocolate pot; because I saw it and thought, "Self, this is the teapot equivalent of me--tall, lean, plain and white." We're made for each other.

And, when I later showed hubby my treasures of the day, he exclaimed "Oh, that's cool!" as I grabbed the pot. I've NEVER had that happen before--have my manly hubby love a new dish I've brought home for the cupboard. Success!

The mark on the bottom reads "Norcrest Japan." The simple, angular design is right up my--and apparently hubby's--alley.

Avon Danish Modern candlesticks with their original scented candles in their original boxes; because they're a very pretty stainless steal design. The boxes are equally artful--but maybe that's because I'm a graphic designer and into that sort of thing. Maybe.

 And then there's the piece de resistance, a five piece stainless steel coffee service. This was my most expensive purchase, but I knew I'd regret it if I left it behind. Besides, my big hands weren't full yet.

The set consists of a coffee pot with a wood handle, a serving tray, a triple candelabra, a cream pitcher and sugar bowl. I actually first found the candelabra in the candle section and without a price. So, I asked the clerk. She explained that it must have been placed their by mistake and led me to the set it belonged to. I started to walk away, slightly disappointed that I couldn't just purchase the candle holder. But I soon returned to the aisle and snatched up the whole set.

The labels reveal it is a Coronado set made in Japan.

So, my friends, let me know when you can stop by for some coffee or hot chocolate. I'll light the candles, serve the treats with my new pieces, and make Julia Child's Souffle au fomage--cheese souffle. Or at least I can say that I will.

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  1. WOW! What awesome treasures you have found! I absolutely love the chocolate / tea pot. I collect tea pots - not necessarily ones of great value, just ones that I love, make me happy or have been given to me with love. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tall, lean and white you may be. But plain you certainly are not. Now if you said that the chocolate pot was tall, lean, white and fabulous...I would whole heartedly agree!

  3. The chocolate pot is my favorite. I am glad the thrift stores Dickinson did not disappoint!

  4. I'll be right over for that cup of hot choc! Lovely treasures, you found that all in Dickinson?? FYI - Garrison has a cool thrift shop too, if you ever make it up there. It's above the bowling alley. Glad you commented on my blog so I could discover your lovely writings!

  5. I'm so proud of you awesome finds! I'm coming with next time :)