Currently, our living room is mostly empty.  The giant tv and all its accessories remain. I don't want to move myself--and I need it in place so HGTV can keep me company while I work. Everyone say Hi to Candace Olson and Chico in this shot. 

Hi Candace and Chico!

 Currently, the dimensions of the sectional we're considering is taped out on the carpet so we can get a feel for it in the space. We're not going to purchase it in the very near future, but taping it out while we still have carpet--before the new engineered hardwood starts going in--makes the most sense.  Oh, and the verdict? We love the scale of it in the room. It's going to fit great and be fantastically comfortable!

Currently, the broken blinds that refuse to retract to the sides of the window are still hanging. They'll be coming down a little later but until I have new window coverings to replace them with they're safe. Soon.

 Currently, I'm painting the ceiling. Hope to get the walls done today too. Wish me luck!

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