Thanksgiving photos by a 3 year old

Thanksgiving day was far and away the highlight of our second week in the new house. My immediate family traveled the miles to join us for a feast and overnight visit. 

Surprisingly, my sister didn't bring her camera. So her eldest daughter--my stinkin' cute niece and godchild--grabbed my point-and-shoot camera and made it her job to capture the day. 

She had people stop and smile,  

or bend down so she could get a level portrait. 

She captured happy memories,

and made sure to have others photograph her. 
The photos tell the story of our day perfectly.

The ladies gathered in the kitchen. After all, there was much to do.

We had whipped cream to make,

bread to slice,

relish trays to assemble,

vegetables to roast, 

and turkey to tend to. 

The guys gathered in front of the television.

After all, football was on. 

Miss E also went around the house taking photos of the spaces. It's interesting to see what caught her eye.

Things like the stained glass window, 

dining chairs, 

table setting (which I'll be sharing more about in another post), 

and kitchen cabinets. She saw all the details.

 Then, it was time to eat eat eat. Followed by nap nap nap. Followed by pie pie pie. Yum... 

...Yum Yum.

In the evening we watched movies, played board games, painted masterpieces,

and spent merry hours together. It was a fun-filled day to say the least.

Now I'm thankful for all the photos we have to remember the day. Thanks Elissa!


  1. Oh I LOVE this post and all those great photos! I am NEVER on photos so I should forget my camera more often and leave it up to others! Thanks again for hosting. Nathan just said tonight how much fun it was and that we'll drive west anytime to see you. Love ya.