Testing, 1-2-3, Testing

I've been wielding a paint brush and roller recently in the kitchen, entry and living room. Remember when I shared the general ideas we plan to implement in our new house? Read them here. Things are moving right along. This week we decided on the paint colors we'll be using throughout the rooms.

Below are the Sherwin Williams paint colors we're going with. No, I'm not getting a perk by mentioning Sherwin Williams--I wish! :) We chose to go with SW paint because of the convenience and customer service of our local store. The colors are linked to the SW website if you're interested in learning more about them.
Tricorn Black. This color is going to be on the tallest wall of the entry/living room. It'll be an accent, not a whole room color. I've tossed around the idea of painting one of the bathrooms black and then doing lots of white fixtures and tile to brighten it up but I'm not sold on it. More than likely we'll do something lighter because our goal is to keep things airy and open feeling.

Peppercorn. We're planning to use this in our kitchen. Since we're not painting the existing oak cabinets I'm thinking this saturated gray will contrast nicely with the yellow tones in the wood.

Summit Gray. This gray is a nice compromise between the dark and light shades. We're thinking we'll paint the office this color. It'll contrast nicely with the built-ins once they're a nice bright white.

Reflection. This light gray is what'll be likely used in a bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. We'll see.

Rhinestone. We're painting the living room this pale gray. It's so light that it's actually considered a white. We like it because it'll provide a bit of contrast with the bright white trim.

High Refectance White--which I learned is just the base paint without any tint applied. All the trim and some of the rooms will be in this shade. I want our house to be light and bright so we'll be using lots of white on the walls.

And, like I said, I've already purchased some of the colors and have put them up on the walls.

First, I bought two test pots--the two darkest colors--to be sure we loved the colors on the wall as much as we did in our head.

I painted a few spots on the wall we were contemplating as black.

And a few gray areas around the kitchen to see what it looked like with the cabinets. Even during the darkest hours of the day we liked both of the colors. Success!

Yesterday, I started on the black wall, as seen on my Instagram Tweet. (p.s. Do you have an iPhone? If so, download Instagram! It's creative photo-sharing at it's best. Find me while you're at it. I'd love to follow your photos!)

And even before I bought the test pots I did a (very crummy and hastily done) photoshopped rendering of my final plan for the entryway. Again, I warn you I did it super quickly just to get my point across to my handy--but not always on the same brainwave--husband.  Here's what I'm thinking:

A breakdown:
  • Paint the tallest wall Tricorn Black.
  • Rhinestone--a pale gray--on the other walls.
  • White trim, excluding the oak banister that my husband loves as is.
  • Light maple flooring.
  • A new, less fussy looking door and side window--which won't be happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right?
  • Converting our favorite capice shell lamp into a hanging fixture on a switch, thereby eliminating one of the many ceiling fans in the house.

It's a little different from it's current state:
But it'll get there with time.


  1. I've tried to comment on this post a couple times. Just want to say this is the post in which I believe you show your true genius. :)