Our new place!

Here it is! A tour of our house from moving day--before we unloaded the truck and filled every corner of every room with boxes and furniture.  Let me warn you, this beast of a post is photo heavy. 
Let's start with the front door, shall we?

The house is a 1978 split-level. Not our first choice in layout but when you're buying in a boomtown you don't have time to be picky. It's a seller's market to say the least. After touring two other available homes in our price range, we knew this house was the one for us. We're thrilled!

Here's the view from the front door. We're planning to replace all the carpet in the house with hard-surface flooring--wood upstairs and maybe heated tile in the basement.

Here's the entry from the living room. We're planning to paint all the original trim and closet doors white, but leave the oak railing and kitchen cabinets (you'll see those shortly.)  Note the ceiling fan above the landing. It's the first of many ceiling fans you'll see in these photos. This house has a lot of (a.) window blinds (b.) wall paper border and (c.) ceiling fans. We plan to remove most all of them as they're not our favorite, especially when done in abundance.

 We're saving our pennies to fill the living room, above, with a large comfy leather sectional--complete with a hide-a-bed for guests. Someday! (And look at those blinds.)

The eat-in kitchen is off the living area. The linoleum will also come out when we install the wood flooring but the huge, light-filled (when the blinds are open) sliding doors that lead to our deck and patio. Yep, we have both!

Apparently a cabinet-maker's son used to live here. As a result, we have a custom oak built-in hutch in our dining area (that also has a ceiling fan)....

...and custom oak cabinets in our adjoining kitchen. They're equipped with all sorts of fancy custom details too like pull-out shelves and built-in cutting boards. Nice!

The fruity wall paper boarder isn't so nice, but that's easily removable. I already bought a bottle of Dif in preparation for that project.

Bathroom #1. I've decided that this uuber-saturated yellow is absolutely the worst color you can paint a bathroom. I mean, yuck. Just yuck.  On the upside, the cabinets and medicine cabinets are custom creations from the cabinet-maker's hand. But wait, there's more to see in this room...

...like a wall paper mural of a stone window looking over the italian countryside. How, um, interesting.

Let's not forget the wall paper border or the gold shower head that is as tall as my shoulder. Taking a shower under it is an acrobatic feat if you're over six feet tall--which most of my family is. :)

Unfortunately,  the sinks are chipped and in need of replacing. This means we're planning to replace the gold faucets too. We're also thinking we'll take out the tile counter while we're at it--the grout is crumbling and in need of replacement.

I just may replace the light fixtures too. Ok, enough with bathroom #1. Let's move on...

 Here's bedroom #1. Oh look, another ceiling fan.

 Bedroom #2: Clearly this was a little boys room but since we're not planning to have any little boys in the near future we're thinking we'll done down the theme in the future--tone it down to zero. As in there will no longer be a sports theme. I know, it's so sad (ok not really) because we'll have to say goodbye to this guy:

A baseball-themed ceiling fan. Cute? Not so much.

The sponge painting and wall paper border is also coming down.

 Master bedroom: It's much bigger than our old room, which means we're getting a bigger bed eventually--yay! We're planning to replace the incredibly dim ceiling fan, paint, replace the carpet and remove the blinds. Eventually that is.

In the not so distant future we'll be creating a larger closet for the room by knocking down a wall between the existing closet and a hall closet on the other side. Together they'll make one large, long walk-in closet for the two of us.

Bedroom #3 features sponge painted walls, two of which have two book shelves on them.

The odd thing is that the shelves aren't lined up straight or centered on either wall. Hmmm...puzzling indeed.

This room may not have vertical blinds but it does have tasseled valences. And though I forgot to photograph it, this room also has a ceiling fan. And in case you're wondering, that puts our total ceiling fan count up to six. Yikes.

 The next room is going to be the office. It comes complete with a built-in desk...

 ...cabinet and counter space...

...wall paper border and tasseled valences. Did I mention it has a ceiling fan too?
In all seriousness, I'm thrilled to finally have a designated office space. And the room gets tons of natural light--a real bonus. This will be an inspiring space to work in once we're done with it.

Bathroom #2 is much smaller than it's yellow-clad counterpart but it's perfectly functional. We're using it as our master bath since it's close to our bedroom. I love that the pedestal sink has a bit of counter space on either side of it. The ceramic tile floor appears to be a recent upgrade too. Some things we're changing: the medicine cabinet hanging too low for us to see our faces (I actually already fixed this by simply hanging it higher), a foam toilet seat (that reeeeallly grosses me out) and a shower head  hung so low that hits the middle of my husband's back.

The laundry room is awesome. It has tons of shelves, floor space...

...a counter for folding, cabinets for storage and a bar for hanging. I may actually enjoy doing laundry now that I have this space!

Ok, this is the hall closet that I told you we'll be opening up to access from the master bedroom. We'll take out these doors and frame up this doorway into a wall when the time comes because the existing bedroom closet will connect to this one. Don't worry, there's another hall closet so we're not losing any valuable storage.

And the piece de resistance (according to my hubby) is the large work bench waiting for us to use. Time for me to get started I guess!

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  1. Nice! Is this house right in Dickinson? Hope all is well! We need to catch up!

  2. Great! I love it, and the ceiling fans! lol, jk about the fans. :) The kitchen sounds really nice. :)

  3. This made my morning! You snagged a great house, especially in this economy we're in! Those built in cabinets are awesome! And that baseball ceiling fan?! haha.
    PS. If I ever come over, I could use that shower, I'm short :)

  4. Looks great and you'll have lots of space!! Glad your move went well!!

    R and "boys"

  5. Lovely house! I think I know someone who has the same layout too, funny! the entryway/living room/kitchen/dining are the exact same. =)

  6. It was fun to see your house. This is definitel a typical house in the Dickinson area. It will be fun to watch you make the transformation. Glad your move went well and good luck in Dickinson.

  7. Wow, you are going to be up to your elbows in projects! Seriously, though, it looks like you have great bones to work with. Can't wait to see what you do with all of it!

    (And I don't know why you would get rid of that lovely baseball ceiling fan. That's crazy talk.)

  8. Wow, there must have been a sale on ceiling fans! And that wallpaper is awful! But I'm sure you'll make it all look amazing. Good luck! And that baseball ceiling fan would actually look really good in my nephew's baseball-themed room!

  9. Thanks for showing us your new home! Bless you as you make it your own. Our first home was also a 1978 split entry. Complete with blue counter tops and almond appliances. No excuses for us. We picked it all out for ourselves. We then spent ten years lovingly wallpapering every room. ( Not just Borders!) Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
    Keith Archer