Our last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece

When I invited our family to come for Thanksgiving at our new place, I warned them that if I didn't find the right boxes, we may end up eating off of paper plates in our laps. 

Thankfully we found everything needed to make the holiday meal feel a little more special than how we dine on Superbowl Sunday. And while I was quick to find our boxes of china after the move, I didn't even think about what would go on the center of the table until the day before Thanksgiving when I started setting everything up.  Suddenly it looked bare, in need of a little something in the middle of the table. 

All it took was a little digging in the right boxes for the antlers, silver platters, pitchers, pumpkins,

...a little shopping at the grocery store flower department  for a festive bouquet, and a little scrounging around our yard for pinecones. Soon we had a centerpiece.

Add our china and crystal (in my grandma's patterns--I love using family items!) and you have a table--or two pulled together in our case--set for a fancy-dancy Thanksgiving feast.

Recognize the silver? We used it as wedding decorations. This pitcher is my favorite. It was once awarded to R. A. Hatfield for the Best Ten Ears of Corn at the Missouri State Fair. Thanks to ebay it's still treasured long after R. A. Hatfield's corn is gone.

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  1. I can't believe how fast you pulled that together! It looks wonderful!

  2. I absolutely love the use of silver/pewter that isn't polished and shiny! Makes it look so....so....so real. We love Sherwin Williams, too...they're always so patient and have helped me find colors after losing the samples.