Goodbye Little Italy

As I was organizing our things into bathroom #1's cabinets I got the insatiable urge to start ripping down the Italian countryside wallpaper mural. I was especially curious to see if it was hiding something like a giant hole in the wall. I mean, why else would you put one of those things up?

I started peeling, ripping and pulling.

A few minutes later I was left with this.

Still ugly, but much better than the before--in my opinion at least. And I plan to have the rest of it completely down by the time my family arrives for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, did I mention we're hosting my immediate family for Thanksgiving? I warned them that we may enjoy our meal around a stack of cardboard boxes. They assure me they want to come anyway. Got to love a family that'll take you as you are!

Anyway, back to the story. After digging into the wall mural, I became curious about the border. So I gently lifted one corner that was already loose. What did I find?

Border on top of painted border. Awesome. Maybe I'll have to break down and rent a steamer after all.

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  1. Ooof, I am sorry! Think of once that is all gone though, there is so much freedom to paint whatever color you LOVE!

  2. I kinda loved that window into the Italian countryside for its sheer craziness. :) But you have it documented, so it's all good. Can't wait to see you put your mark on this house!