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No, I'm not back today with the second half of our moving story--how we marketed our current home without a realtor. It's a great story and I just haven't carved out the time to sit down and write it out. Soon. But in case you missed it, read about how we managed to find a house to buy in the oil boomtown we're moving to right here.

The moving process is going well. We've started packing up all our stuff. Let me tell you, it's sooooo fun. Ok, not really. But it has got us thinking about what we want to do in the new place. We're thinking we'll box up and move all our stuff and then go through it, deciding what to keep and what to lose. Why go through the trouble of moving stuff to then get rid of it? It's all about the resale market. We're thinking an early season garage sale in Dickinson will be more profitable than a late season one here. It's all about the boom. :)

I started compiling inspiration images after discussing some ideas with my other half. Here's what we're thinking we'll do in the new place:

We want to go for a more modern, minimalistic approach this time around. Very clean and open. No, we're not moving into a cool industrial space with super-high ceilings. We're moving into a perfectly normal residential home with perfectly normal ceilings. But we like the feel of the above image--open and clean. Nothing is literal here--these are merely examples. Still with me?

The house will also have a more masculine feel in the main areas. I'll admit our current place is a little bit girly and granny now. But we're both a little tired of it. We'll switch it up and see what happens.

We also love windows, though we're nowhere close to having a wall of them like this house. We'll keep the ones we do have nice and open this time around. Meaning very few drapes, lots of sheers and simple blackout shades when privacy is an issue.

The color pallatte above is a winner for both of us: black, white, gray, caramel and honey-colored wood with metallic accents. 

See how those green chairs pop as the only real color in this space above? We're thinking we'll infuse color through our accessories and art. The walls and most furniture will likely stay neutral.
We also like the idea of adding some industrial touches with concrete and metal. Concrete counters perhaps? Cable in the railings maybe? Who knows.

We're thinking we'll do maple flooring to keep things bright. And, we're planning to mount our TV on the wall with a sideboard underneath, similar to the one pictured.

Both of us want a big leather sectional to lounge on. We have our eye on the perfect piece already.

We want the house to stay light and bright, but the idea of a menacing black wall is also appealing. Who knows. Maybe we'll do something similar.

We love the simplicity of Scandinavian and mid-century American design. Most of our inspiration is coming from those styles.

What do you think? Have you ever wanted to completely change up your home decor? We've found that moving is the perfect opportunity! Now if only moving day would come a little faster--scratch that, I have way too much packing to still do!

(All the sources for these images are over on my Pinterest pageCheck 'em out.)

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  1. Love the ideas. Can't wait to see the new house!!

  2. @Vienna Thanks Vienna! I can't wait for you to see it too! Hopefully even in person someday. :)

  3. moving is so exciting, but boxing up everything just truly stinks. i like your idea about a garage sale at the new place, it would also be a way to get to know the neighbors.

  4. @the cape on the corner So true! I haven't met any of our neighbors yet but I'm looking forward to the opportunity once we're moved.