An Exterior Before and After

 From this photo of the exterior, snapped a few weeks after we closed on the house in December 2009...
...to this one taken for selling purposes, much has changed--and I of course think greatly improved--the front of our home.
  • New paint colors
  • Removed the cracked and broken plastic shudders
  • New storm door
  • New light fixture, mailbox and house numbers
  • Our DIY rock wall levels out the front yard and looks soooo pretty.
  • New flower beds and potted plants along the front walk.
  • The over grown trees and shrubs have undergone numerous trimmings.
  • A driveway that's over twice the width of the original, which means I can get in and out of the garage without shuffling Mike's car out of the way. Ah, the simple pleasures in life!
(Ok, I realize that the snow changes the look of the exterior a little bit too. Details...)

Today the appraiser came to check out our house's value. I got to lead him around and explain all that we've done to this little place. Here's hoping that everything continues to go smoothly!