I had a productive thrifting trip over the weekend. Just a quick once-around the store and look what I found:

Mid-century olive green office chair. Heavy duty and oh so comfortable. The original fabric is in perfect condition.

Brass bird wall hangings.

 Brass and wood lamp (we already owned the shade.) This will go in the basement lounge when we get to the decorating aspect of the project--in other words, a long time from now.

Oregon state plate--we already had the North Dakota one and I've been on the lookout for Oregon's version since it's where handsome hubby grew up.

The biggest surprise discovery was...

...a commemorative plate from my small lutheran church in GriggsDakota! This is the church five generations of my family attended/attends. My grandma, mom and sister all have this plate. I'm thrilled to now have one.

Shopping trip total?


Not too shabby.


  1. So thrilled for you, Kirst...and especially for that Sundahl plate...what a treasure!! Happy day...

    R and "boys"

  2. Love your finds. The lamp, chair, plates...all worth it. So maybe you are not a junk collector.

  3. Ahhh...what fab finds. I am especially drooling over those brassy birds and that green chair! Love.

  4. Wow, what amazing finds! I love the plate of your church, how cool! When my hubs and I got married, we decided to do vintage postcards for table settings, and we happened upon a postcard of our church from the 1920's! It was super fun, we gave it to my pastor and his family and they really enjoyed it. =)