Our Saarinen tulip table and chairs

The much-anticipated Saarinen tulip table and chairs made the journey from their previous owner's home to our open arms car Friday evening. We traveled 180 miles round-trip for these babies--pulling a trailer because we weren't sure the size and if the table came apart. Turns out they do come apart and would've fit without the trailer. Mike says I need to change the price of the set to reflect the extra money we spent on gas to pull the trailer. Ah well. Better to be safe than sorry!
We purchased them from an older couple who had recently moved from their mid-century modern ranch into a condo. Their online listing said "make an offer" as the price. I contacted them on the day the ad was placed online, saying I was very interested but didn't want to offend them with a low-ball number. I told them a little about myself, including the fact that I'm a newlywed trying to make a fantastic home on a shoestring budget. 
The seller and I emailed back and fourth a few times. We found that despite our age difference we had much in common. She even invited me to an art event at her church--I'm going to it next Friday and Saturday!
The asking price was $350--very reasonable, but still more than I was comfortable spending. I had all but decided to throw in the towel when my mom offered to help pay for it as our Christmas present for the year. Christmas in July September! Joy!

Our work schedules, along with the seller's availability, made it difficult to schedule the pick-up. Friday was about a month after I first contacted them. By the time the day finally arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Crazy excited. Mike kept his cool, but I think he was bursting inside too. 
(Ok, maybe not. I have enough enthusiasm for both of us.)
 I spent a whole afternoon over the weekend cleaning them. They had years of grime hidden in spots like under the arms and seats. A layer of dirt covered them from their most recent life in the couple's garage. Cleaning them was such an ordeal I'm leaving my methods for another post. Stay turned.
 For now, let's just bask at the beauty before us. 
And our previous, duncan phyfe drop-leaf table hasn't been forgotten.
Its new home is along the wall in the main room, ready for us to use when we have larger dinner parties--in other words anytime our family comes for dinner.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the table! what a find!


  2. That's awesome, they look amazing in your space!

  3. I love the whole room! You have great taste. You can come over and decorate my condo anytime!

  4. Wow - what a deal! And I quite like how the Duncan Phyfe table looks with it. Your dining room looks beautiful and timeless.

  5. I G+ this earlier today and shared on my FB page but finally am commenting. I absolutely think it's stunning. LOVE the look and feel you have created. I'm sure your husband is ready for your bargain hunting across the prairie to be done though. :) I have a feeling he'll be doing that for a lifetime!

  6. El- perfecto...love it Kirst!!

    R and "boys"!!

  7. It seems that I missed this post. I LOVE THIS DINING SET. What a great find, girl. Insert extreme jealousy!