Moving day

It's moving day. Plant moving day.
Whether we like it or not, there was frost on the ground this week. It's time to face the truth. The plants need to make their cool weather commute indoors before it's too late.

This year, we moved the herbs into our sunny basement window. Indoor herbs are a first for us, Hopefully we'll have the luxury of cooking with fresh herbs during the long cold months ahead.

Our two tropical plants, explained in greater detail here, made the trip to my office. We thought about moving them into the house but (a.) it's not recommended for people with mold allergies--me--to have an overabundance of plants in the home. And (b.) there's more space at the office for them.

 They'll be happy campers in the warm, sunny space. 

On a side note, I heard one expert say North Dakota can expect a harder than average winter, with high precipitation (aka snow) and a long season. Yikes.