Falling for fall

I'm one of those people who gets a little grouchy after labor day. It's an unfortunate side effect of my denial that summer is officially over.
Mike, on the other hand, pronounces each year around the same time I start wining about the cool weather that it's his favorite season. He always lists off every.single.reason he loves fall. Reasons like "you can wear a long sleeved t-shirt outside and be comfortable," "it's not too cold and not too hot" and "my birthday's in September!" are always on his list. 
I prefer tank tops to long sleeves, am always freezing cold--even during summer months, and have a spring birthday. 
I like autumn, just not as much as I like the other seasons.

Fall decor has a way of making me feel better. The turning leaves seem livelier when I have orange and yellow smiling from the table.

Crisp autumn air is a little warmer when I enter our home from a day away and the smell of pumpkin-scented candles greets me.

 The dark hours after an early-evening golden sunset are brighter with golden pumpkins, golden pinecones and golden twigs catching my eye.

And adding an orange pillow to the sofa prepares me for this season of changing colors.

Home is meant to be a haven. I'm so thankful ours is exactly that.


  1. I love Fall too- definitely my favorite season. I understand your feelings though, I am always cold too so Summer is nice! I loved being in VA this summer, and soaking up the 95 degree days. =) Your Fall decor looks lovely! It is so fun to spruce up the house and make it all cozy.

  2. Cozy, Kirst. Love your style...

    R and "boys"

  3. I agree, fall is one of my favorite times of year! It's been so hot here lately and this weekend the weather finally cooled down like it's supposed to! I'm in the mood to decorate now!