Mid Century Lighting is my weakness

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you see the perfect thing and immediately buy it? Many call it impulse buying, but in LaLaLand we like to think of it more as taking advantage of a great opportunity. You know....jumping into the puddle with two feet. Diving in head first. Carpe Diem.
Or something like that.
Can you tell where this is going? 
Here's my story:
Saturday, July 2: It was a lazy morning during the long independence day weekend. Hubby, who worked late the night before, was sleeping in. I was catching up on my favorite blogs via Google Reader while enjoying breakfast at the kitchen table. 
I opened Retro Renovation Pam's newest post. "NOS mid century lighting for sale on Etsy" (click on the title to see that post.) 
The chandelier in the photo--it literally made me gasp. So cool, and right along the lines of what I'd been hoping to find at thrift stores and estate sales for months. And not a bad price--$100--especially  when you consider the fixtures I drool over admire on sites like Rejuvenation and School House Electric cost hundreds of dollars more.
There it was. Calling out my name. 
I followed the link to the seller's Etsy store. The light was still listed. 
But it was so ah-mazing, I just *knew* if I hesitated someone was likely to snatch it first. A short mental discussion ensued.
"Wake up Mikey and ask his opinion?"
"Nah. He'll love it. Get it while it's hot!"
A few minutes later it was mine. Or at least I ordered it. Joy!
I sheepishly told Mike about my whirlwind shopping spree when he woke up a couple hours later. We have a loose rule about both being on board with purchases for our home and I'm usually really good about it. I was a little embarrassed at my impulsiveness.
He chuckled and teased good-naturedly, but ultimately agreed that it was a pretty sweet find and a great price for a new, old fixture. 
We also realized I clearly have a thing for funky retro light fixtures. Remember my three globe fixture, the behemoth capiz shell lamp or the colorful hanging lamp? I love my lights.

A week later it arrived. (What's more, the sellers were running a Christmas in July discount. I forgot to type the discount code, but they still knocked 10 percent off. Nice!) 
We hung it up the day it came. It's been making me smile ever since.

In case you're curious, this is what the new fixture replaced:
It's actually a freebie from a friend. Not really a dining room chandelier. I have plans to revamp it and use it elsewhere.

Please, tell me I'm not alone. Anyone else go weak in the knees over lighting or is it just crazy me?


  1. Ooh, great score on the fixture - love it! My hubby and I have the same rule about checking with each other on purchases but sometimes you just gotta do it!

  2. I love lighting. It makes me go a little crazy too. We found a cool 60's era 2 globe lamp at the habitat restore for our dining room, it was totally an impulse buy but I absolutely love it! Your new light looks great, awesome steal! it's true, I've seen many lights like that that are WAY more spendy. Good find!

  3. The photos are fabulous, Kirst!! They look like magazine quality!! ...and I love the light!! You are amazing and I enjoy reading your blog so much!!

    Love- R and boys

  4. YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE! I never find cool stuff like this. *pout* Congratulations on all your swanky lights.