Can we call this a driveway?

Things--namely our driveway--have been looking a little rough lately.
Did I say a little rough? I meant majorly torn apart.
Remember when we built our retaining wall, backfilling with dirt from another part of our front yard--the part that would eventually hold our new cement parking slab? If not, here's a little reminder for you.
Since that time--early June--we've had a foot deep depression on the side of our driveway that will be the parking pad. A few weeks later (ok, maybe closer to a month) we got a load of small rocks poured into the depression, making a gravel bed for our cement to rest on.

The section of existing driveway immediately in front of our garage was jackhammered up by hubby. The slight slope it had toward our garage door left a wet garage floor every time it rained--which happens often this year. We're adding a channel drain and hose to eliminate the problem.

Now, we're saving our pennies for the upcoming cement haul. We're planning to have it poured next week. This wasn't originally going to be a whole-summer project, but weather and work schedules have delayed things. We're looking forward to checking the project of our list. But until then, maneuvering my car in and out of the garage is a feat to be proud of.


  1. Take of that fancy NEW car you have on that bumpy driveway!