Adding to the hallway's gallery

Earlier this summer, I started turning our little hallway into a gallery space. 
Here's the post that explains it. 

Recently, I added a few more frames. 

 New additions include the two posters on the stairway wall...

...the bottom and top-most frames, a mirror, candle holders, and an bent metal sculpture of the word "memories." I already owned all the newly hung pieces, making the project a freebie.

The mirror located closest to the ground spurred the additions. It's a gift from friend (and fantastic photographer) Jackie who moved with her husband Chris to live in Uganda, Africa for a year of mission work. She offered me her mirror while cleaning out her belongings. I obviously have a visible penchant for mirrors in swirly gold frames. The gift was so thoughtful and generous, and has become a welcome addition to our home. I'm reminded to pray for them when I see it hanging on my wall.
(Side note: Jackie and Chris blog about their journey. See it here.)

 After I hung the mirror, the wall seemed like the perfect spot to put the pair of gold candle sconces. They're without candles to prevent bumping into them.

I have a few more small frames that I'm thinking of painting black and hanging above the doorways, enveloping the hall in a wrap of photos and memories. It's one of the few spots in the house we have personal photos, as both hubby and I like the idea of keeping our memories private--or as private as you can when you're a blogger. :)


  1. This hallway is so fun. I love the color, and I love the collection of frames and mirrors. I'm happy to see the 007 poster. It is an interesting combination, and you pull off beautifully!

  2. This is beautiful. I will try it