Checking in

Winds of change have been blowing through LaLaLand over the last month. Handsome hubby made a career move that has changed some our daily routines. We're excited about the future but have been making adjustments and cherishing our time.
I've neglected posting, but not because I have nothing to share. Quite the opposite, really. So much to do, so little time.
I'll be back again, hopefully resuming with more regular sharing sessions. July was a blogging vacation of sorts. Welcome August.


  1. I have been wondering where you were! Miss your posts, and super great photo!

  2. I miss your posts too! But, as I am currently on about a week and a half of not blogging, I totally understand. =) Thanks for your sweet words on my post today! I know that as a fellow Christian you understand even more the significance of something like that! I hope you and your hubby have a smooth transition into these new routines. Hope your Summer is going well!