Work in the kitchen is never done

Or so they say. While I haven't been doing tons of cooking lately, I have been slaving away in the kitchen. Allow me to introduce you to this ugly dated soon-to-be-charming space:

Ok, so the above photo was taken after I started priming the walls. So, the paint wasn't really that poorly done initially. The knobs are also missing from the cupboards. They looked like this:

And the valence above the window is a recent addition. It replaced numbers 1 and 2 in the photo below--taken on closing day, 12/17/09.

I threw the fruity curtain away that very night--it was really gross. The wooden piece was up for over a year before being removed.

All that was left from it was a few holes and unpainted plywood on the sauffets above.

 Oh those sauffets. They torture me. If they didn't have pot lights in them they would've been torn out with the curtain on the very first day we owned this little jewel of a house. I really dislike how confining they are in the space. But, taking them out is a can of worms we don't want to open right now. They're staying up a bit longer. *Sigh*

Then there's the cabinets. They're sturdy, but in need of some serious cleaning. Want to see?

The cupboard below the sink has a wet history. 

 On the day of closing we found out a pipe broke beneath the sink. The uninsulated garage below the kitchen in the dead of winter wreaked some havoc. Thankfully it was fixed by the seller before any papers were signed. All we were left with was a damaged cupboard. Nothing a little cleaner--and a closed cupboard door--can't fix. (Sidenote: we've since insulated the garage and haven't had a broken pipe since.)

Every cupboard also came with greasy, grimy contact paper on each shelf. That was thrown out with the curtain on closing day too. Buh-bye!

I love my olive green undermount sink and hudee ring surround. (This photo is also from moving day.) There's much about the kitchen that I dislike, but the sink isn't one of them.  It's green--not everyone's first choice. But I love it just the same. 

Besides, it matches our olive green stove hood perfectly. 

This photo is post-priming. You can see the original color that was on the walls and ceiling. The unpainted area on the ceiling is a spot that I needed to patch before painting it. The ceiling was falling apart. It. was. that. bad.

This is the stove that came with the house. It didn't work. And my handsome fella replaced it. But that's another story I'll have to share another time.

Here's our new stove--sitting right next to the door we painted. We love the stove. And the door. But we don't love the green painted plywood blacksplash. Yes, it's actually a plywood blacksplash. We didn't really believe it at first either, but it's true.

Can't wait to fix the fronts that are coming off the drawers.

Here's the fridge. It's outdated and inefficient. We hope to replace it in the next year. Not just because of its style. Because of this:

And this:

And even more of this:

Um, in case you didn't notice, our refrigerator is held together with duct tape. Replacement necessary.

Next to the fridge is the pocket doorway to the living room. Soon the flooring will continue into the kitchen. 

We're excited to get rid of the stains and water damage by tearing out the existing linoleum and replacing it with the laminate.

This electric grill sits next to the stove. We don't use it very often because it turns the house into a smokey mess. Not pleasant. 

We've literally spent days cleaning it, but that hasn't cut the produced smoke enough. So it sits. Unused. Collecting grime. Stuff like this:

Grime gathers in crevices nearly impossible to clean. So gross, I know, but the piece won't be replaced until we replace the counters--if ever.

The breakfast nook is directly across the room from the sink. It's a good size, as you can see in this photo from spring 2010. But, we hated the paneling, so we tore it out.

And this is the ceiling fan in the breakfast nook. It needs help. Lots. Of. Help.

Can you tell that we have lots of work to do in the kitchen??

The long laundry list for the space has caused us to put off starting anything. But it became increasingly apparent that sooner rather than later was the best time to at least make some quick fixes.

During the last few weeks the most unexpected thing happened. I tweeted about a give-away Emily at Merrypad (click on the link to learn more about the give-away) was having, which qualified me to win it--and I won! How crazy is that?  A few days later a box was waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home from work.

Here's the loot. A paint roller that fills from the handle, a trim painting wand that also fills from its handle, and a roll of tape that folds out to reveal a foot or so of plastic drop cloth, protecting a wider area than standard painting tape. 

This gift was just the motivation I needed to get started on the kitchen!

So, last weekend I filled the new roller to cover the walls and ceiling in a fresh coat of paint.  

But not until after I protected our stripped chandelier with the new tape, which of course was perfect for the job.

We're knee deep in kitchen improvements now and I can't wait to share what it looks like when the space has:
cleaned cabinets and hardware,
new flooring,
repaired drawer fronts,
painted walls,
and much more.

I'm excited to get everything done so I can post the after shots! Patience has never been my strongest virtue, but I'm holding out.


  1. So cool that you won! WOW I didn't realize how much work there was to do in the kitchen...until you documented it all. You're quite the DIY'er!

  2. Um...wow. Good luck! I don't envy you on this one.

    But one good thing about having soffits above the cabinets is that you don't feel the pressure to put a bunch of stuff up there. I have not found a good decorating solution for the tops of cabinets yet.

  3. I can't wait to see the after! You and Mike have really done some great things with your first house!

    Love it!

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