We rock, roll and get red

Not a lot happened in LaLaLand over the weekend. That is, we didn't do many different things. We did, however, complete one of our largest yard projects.

Namely, the front yard's rock retaining wall.

We placed them all by hand. By ourselves--and with Mike's brothers when they were available.

"How DID you do it?" You may be wondering. (Or maybe you're not, but I'll tell you anyway.)

One. At. A. Time.

We lifted. We rolled. We rocked--literally and figuratively. (Ooo, I winced a little at that corny pun. Too hard to resist sometimes, I guess.) We dug. We shoveled. We raked. We planted. We watered. And we--especially me--got very red. Hot sun + pasty girl + tank top + hasty and patchy sunscreen application = Sun burns. Who knew.

Last year, we completed phase one of our rockin' landscape (the double meanings keep coming) which included putting in the flowerbeds and rocks along the driveway. Remember? We shared photos of it here.

Phase two was quite a bit more work. Just ask every muscle in my body and it'll scream it's current state to you as proof. And then my roasted shoulders will join in for a chorus. Thankfully, satisfaction trumps all.

The main objective with the rock wall was to build up our lawn to become one nice even plain. It was horribly sloped before. Once the grass grows we'll have an easier time mowing and using the space.

Plus it adds a hefty dose of cub appeal--and the rocks haven't even been pressure washed yet to remove their dirt. After we wash them, we're also planning to transplant some lilies from our backyard to the flower bed space in between the wall and the sidewalk. It'll soften the look a bit, making it that much cuter. Cheers to that.

Mike wanted to make sure there was still a way to get his Dad's lawn tractor into our yard, so we built a sloped entrance in the front. We're planning to turn it into a step/ramp combo that may eventually go to a flagstone path to the front walk. No more walking up the driveway for our dear guests--and the mailman too, I suppose.

Perhaps you're asking another question: "Cost?"


Mike's parents have a lot of rocks in their lakeside home's yard. And they let us have as many as we wanted. What a gift!

Now for the customary before and after shots:

Before, April 2010 (Mowing the lawn for the first time--detailed here.)

After, June 2011


  1. I love it but you guys are crazy! My back hurts looking at those photos!


  2. AMAZING feat, accomplishment and new look! Love it. Way to go on rock wall building. You rock.

  3. I love a good make-over. Your house is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites.

  4. You should have included the sunburn picture! That is all thats missing! -Heidi :)

  5. Wow that would have taken ages ... hows the muscles looking? Pumped I bet! Lots of hard work but well worth it in the end :)

  6. wow!! That is Amazing!! I am jealous!! Our front yard looks like a war zone with sandbags going around our home!! It is a crazy site!!

    Regarding your comment on my blog: Yes Ry works for Basin Electric and he loves it. So do you work directly for Basin or for all the cooperatives in the area?

    Again great job on your front yard. It looks great!!

  7. WOW you guys- you are the dynamic duo!! That is alot of work...excellent job!! :) Looks fantastic!!

    Rennae and "boys"