A morning surprise: floors

I had a happy surprise greet me this morning.

The pocket door was closed between the living room and kitchen. It's never closed, so I knew something was amiss. 
(Side note: Yes, we have both a standard swiffer and a swiffer vac. We love them both and almost always use both of them in one floor cleaning session. What one leaves behind the other picks up. And we sometimes leave them laying out. Shame on us.)

 The sign taped to the door was kinda a dead giveaway. My nocturnal hubby was apparently busy while I was sleeping like a baby down the hall.
I opened the door, revealing his sweet gift. 

The flooring in the kitchen was all done--in one night!

He even moved the kitchen furniture back into the room, despite the missing baseboards. I've been longing for the return of the table for weeks--it's been stuffed in a corner of the living room during our kitchen projects.

The freshly painted walls are looking good next to the flooring. We did white on the walls and ceiling--except for the far wall of the breakfast nook, which went gray.

I filled the cupboard when I arrived home from work. Most of these dishes have been scattered across the dining room table for the last month. It's so nice to put things in their place.

The valences in the kitchen once hung in my great grandma's entryway. I snagged them as a teenager because the stripes included my favorite colors at the time: pink and green (ok, they're still two of my favorites, but I'd add aqua and gray to my list now.) We hung the curtain a couple inches below the ceiling to block as little of the window as possible.


  1. Isn't he a gem Kirst!! The kitchen looks fabulous and so does your new stove (I read about it in a previous post)!! Love it all. You two are a match made in heaven!! :)

    Love- R and boys...

  2. how exciting! I love your retro table and chairs, so fun! The floors look amazing. =) What a sweet surprise!