Guest Post: How to make No-Sew Roman Shades

 Hi folks! I mentioned here that my real-life friend and fellow blogger Lori--co-author of wom-mom.com--came over to my place one day this spring and taught me how to make a no-sew roman shade for my bathroom. I also mentioned that she'd be doing a guest post in LaLaLand revealing her process. Well, here it is--enjoy!

I LOVE roman shades, but my budget doesn’t like the cost.  Roman shades made to fit are extremely expensive and I wanted to find a simple, affordable solution.  A quick google search of “roman shades made from mini blinds” and you will find several sites with step by step instructions.   I found most follow the same idea and tried it.  It’s easy, it requires few supplies, and it requires NO SEWING!  I can’t believe it.
DIY roman shades hang in windows throughout my home.
Kirsti is wowing us with her FABULOUS home décor projects and wanted a roman shade for her bathroom.  She asked for wom-mom to do a guest post and of course we agreed.  So, here it goes.
Lori (left) and Ethne (right), WOM-MOM

Roman Shade Supplies:
  • Mini blind to fit (both Kirsti and I were lucky—our houses came with lots of these.  Before you throw them away consider making roman shades)
  • Fabric glue
  • Curtain lining (this can be found at most fabric stores)
  • Decorator fabric to fit the window (you will want the fabric at least two inches wider than the width of the interior of the window as well as two inches longer than you would like the shade to hang when down).
  • Iron
  • Scissor

Roman Shade Instructions:
Extend your blind to the length you desire.  Keep in mind, you will most likely want your roman shade to hang a few inches below your window when extended.
Cut the small strings (leaving the larger cording).  You should be able to cut this string away and in the end you will have two major cords with slats.

Take apart the bottom of the blind.  By doing this you will be able to remove the slats.
Determine the spacing for your roman shade (you will want your slats spaced equally).  For my living and dining room shades I used three slats and spaced them 13 inches apart (13 inches from the top as well as from the bottom).

I recommend gluing three slats together to create one (this makes your roman shade more sturdy).

Put your blind back together with equal spacing making sure the bottom is re-attached.
Cut your curtain liner to fit the window.  Cut your decorator fabric one inch wider than your liner.

Using an iron, fold down the edge on all sides one inch.  Put the liner inside the folds.  You will then use your fabric glue to adhere the liner to the fabric.

Once dry, glue down the blind to the liner/fabric.  Glue the top and the bottom (make sure you don’t glue where your blind brackets go) and let dry completely.

Once completely dry, hang the roman shade on the blind brackets.  You can now glue the fabric to the brackets. 
You can now pull the blind up and down.  You will need to “train” your roman shade, making sure your fabric is folding in correctly.
That’s it…simple, easy, and no sewing required.  WOMS (WOMEN ON A MISSION) love it, Kirsti loves it, and guess what…you will too!


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  2. WOW Kirst- love these...looks amazing. Love the blue ones!!

    R and "boys'

  3. Great idea to use mini blinds! I've tried making my own roman shades but the folds just didn't look right and I didn't know where to buy the locking mechanism. I may try again using the mini blind parts, I never thought about that, thanks for the great tip!

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