And now, we eat. Outside.

Dinner has gone al fresco around here lately. Largely thanks to this:
What's new and spurring the change in dining location?
Not the grill--that was a wedding gift from my in-laws. And not the two cheap-o white chairs. Those were left in our backyard by the previous owners and we've yet to purchase our own. 
In fact, it's the table that has led us to become more comfortable outside.

We love to grill and do it often. We have two coffee-table size grilling cookbooks and have been cooking our way through them since receiving them. (Granted, completing some of the more exotic fish dishes may not happen for this landlocked North Dakota couple.)
Before the table, we would often sit and enjoy our summer meals on the front steps--plate in lap. Not the most comfortable or convenient.

Last time I was at my parents' farm, I rescued this little table from the depths of our storage barn. It was covered in years of dirt, oil, paint cans and yard tools. Poor thing hadn't served a meal since we moved it there in 1997. The table--purchased in 1986 at Target, according to my mom--was desperate for some loving...and cleaning.

We're thrilled with the new (and free!) addition to our outdoor space. Someday our grilling and dining area will move to the backyard patio. But first we have to build it. Until then, I'm happy to eat anywhere outside, even by my front door.


  1. Looks fantastic Kirst and Mike!! Love the table!! :)

    R and "boys"